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Say they're still billions of dollars left to go to bring the other terminals up just enough before the twenty two thousand eight Olympics. I'm Kelly well sorry right from planes. Let's go to trains at the train station in Santa Ana today. They broke ground on Orange County's first electric streetcar. It will run for miles from the train station through downtown Santa Ana all the way to a new transit stop on harbor boulevard in garden grove. Darrell Johnson heads up the Orange County transportation authority. He says each streetcar can carry up to one hundred eighty riders along the ten station route who's about forty thousand employees in the downtown area and total. So it's really about moving through that local community and getting people to and from activities, and appointments Anderson jobcentres. It's really the heart of public transportation in Orange County this streetcar project price tag, four hundred eight million dollars with half that money coming from the federal government. The streetcar is planned to start rolling in twenty twenty one now with the okay to collect signatures to get on the ballot is a proposed initiative to de rail California's high speed rail project if it gets the necessary five hundred eighty eight thousand signatures, and if voters pass it that initiative would end the bullet train that's been championed by governor Jerry Brown. This initiative also calls for more money for road construction and maintenance in California this week state lawmakers in Sacramento grilled officials with the high speed rail authority after an audit showed billions of dollars in cost overruns and delays. All right. We're moving from trains to automobiles coming Monday road closures along twenty miles of Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu as Cal trans makes repairs after the Wolsey fire. You'll lose a lane on the northbound PCH from tank canyon road to decker canyon road every day. But Sunday weather permitting, repair, crews need to replace scarred rails and signs they've got a Holloway, debris and clear drainage lines. And they have to replace netting that holds back rocks from coming down slopes. The only auto show starts up today at the L A convention center, hundreds of cars, and trucks and SEV's. Plus some of the new EV's that you will soon see on the road among the highlights. The new Toyota Corolla hybrid gets fifty miles to the gallon and KPCC sue carpenter says Toyota also has a Prius hybrid. That's all wheel drive. You can't just be playing to one crowd. So you might have the people who only bought the press because of the fuel economy now, the realizing that's not enough as a lot of competition in that space now. So you've gotta be ad in the features that people want all wheel drive has been sort of coming into a lot more makes and models over the last couple of years. One more auto show highlight. Volvo showing off its partnership with Amazon that allows drivers to have packages delivered to their cars. No kidding. The show runs through December night. Remember that crazy car chase Tuesday that ran along surface streets and three different freeways from downtown L A to Boyle heights and back again a couple of robbery suspects in an SUV were finally snagged by police after they ditch their vehicle near sunset echo, Park Avenue and tried to run away. Why did all this happen? While prosecutors say the two men had stolen a car battery from an auto repair shop and Highland Park. And one of them pulled a gun in the process. They have pleaded not guilty to robbery and running from police if convicted one man could get eleven years in prison the other seventeen he's the one prosecutor said had the gun one eight eight o'clock time now for the daily from the New York Times seven thirty five from the New York Times. I'm Michael Barr. This is the daily. Today. Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying about the president's ties to Russia and agrees to cooperate with the special counsel. What it means that a second subject of the Russia investigation has been charged with lying this week. It's Friday, November thirty..

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