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Which color the white ones do you remember. The balloons the blue and see i'm fifty your. What are you forty two forty three. Yes you're right in that middle era. Did y'all have a zipper on yours. The blue ones were like own of allure. Color the blue ones or like a Yeah i guess velour was was sort of. There's some folks out there that had two blue kangaroos. Did y'all have under ruse under under. That's good name right there under ruse you know like a kid. Your kids were at that age. Okay all right let's rjr. Let's go put on our own to ruse. I mean it sounds like something a kid would light. I gotta tell you. Fruit of the loom was a good as a good name to our. Maybe it was just a really good ad campaign. That was a good. You remember the fruit of loom grown men. Stand around as each one of them as a different. You know i was talking to somebody the other day about great ad campaigns and i was asking Steve moore who runs all the specs stores liquor stores. I said i need a good. I all my glasses are mishmash right there. You know this one. Because i got there was a promo offered the view by this particular whiskey. They'll give you a glass. And so i got it. It's all just jumbled up and i'd like to have one consistent set of each. You know brad. Bradley glasses cognac. Glasses white wine glasses. Red wine glasses. I want one of everything what you know a set of everything so that when we have a party we can go through different things we go and he said yeah he said He said You know liberties makes a good set of glasses in each price range. And i said liberties like liberties lebron's liberties on the labor labor labor and he said yeah. That's exactly who it is. He said i hadn't thought about that ad and thirty or forty years. And i don't know when that ad came out but if you can finish the land libby libya on the labor labor labor. Then you know how good an ad that was for canned fruit products. Because that's all it was derek on the black line europe. Hey michael how you doing this of concerns and ties in with the texas lawsuit for the election goes you know the the lawsuit basically say that these other states at least four or five states usurp the constitution by not going through the legislature to change the voting rules. So my thing is maybe georgia should do this with bloomberg and sorrows bringing and all these people to vote because georgia has this rule. Where when movie and you can vote so georgia Could be controlled by a so-called republicans. You know which are worthless basically. Gop and republicans They should make a rule that if you haven't lived in the state in the last eight to twelve months then you can't vote in this runoff election. They should there. But you know the beauty of our fifty states in the beauty of federalism is each of the states is its own laboratory. Georgia get caught up in this situation. And that's why stacey. Abrams let it stacey. Abrams led this georgia's very racist march. And so the people of georgia became the republicans became panic magog. They're saying we're we're we're we're racist. May maybe we should just let them win. In and then we won't be racist instead of standing on principle. They got caught up in that game. Which is which is not an honest game. it's not a fair game and they don't know how to fight so what they did. is they have in their process. They have allowed people to vote. Who moved there at the last minute. Which is a recipe a recipe for disaster and corruption. You're you're leaving the cookies out on the cookie jar and asking the kid to go to bed knowing he knows you can't get up and watch him and he's gonna take one. It's it's just. It's much temptation exactly. And that's why i say this the gop and the republicans are basically our. That's why i don't consider myself republican but anyway Some if if if they don't do that which i don't think they will. This thing is going to be very close. And if if the left wins. The senate republic. i'm not gonna say it'll fall because i think there'll be some pushback somewhere so we can't count on the supreme court's because of so-called republicans are conservatives on the supreme court they're just as worthless as the gop. You're exactly right dirk. I wish i could disagree with you. I wish i could tell you. I was wrong. You are expecting as much out of your government in both parties and in every branch as i suspect you expect out of yourself the only way we act like the greatest nation on earth is that we do what needs to be done despite the fear despite the allegations despite the the accusations. And all you're asking people to do is what is right. you know. that's too much to ask. Yeah that was a quote. I can't recall it verbatim saw paraphrase by a prison debt. Way back when that said Basically if you elect bad people in congress you know. You're going to expect what you get. Basically i'm paraphrasing callback. No i know exactly what you're talking about. You're right. I mean look. We're all frustrated but don't give up hope. It's a work in progress. Well no we bungled this one. We're gonna take it out and clean the pan and we're gonna try another one because that's what we do because the alternative is even worse. We cannot give up hope. That's not a noble thing. There where you from. I'm in texas city. Did you grew up in texas city. Actually i grew up in nebraska and in hitchcock which is about eight miles from texas city. So i'm local. Yes sir know. We're hitchcock is removed from santa fe arrived so you definitely should know you need to do a talk show. Yeah i started off in radio and tv. That's a fact you got a great voice and you've got a great accent. It's just a little bit. Redneck is just a little bit hood. And what.

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