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I guess they could control the clock like they did versus the colts and maybe keep a game both scoring that way but they're not better than either of those teams that go on the road and win and joe flaco wolf everybody makes that joke about quarterbacks winning super bowls and they go well trent dilfer want super bowl this guy can win a super bowl we heard earlier in the year with case qian before case scheme established himself as an mvp kennedy you'll have the to ravens super bowl championships trent dilfer winning and joe flack a winning and we treated joe flaco in a totally different light that we look at trent dilfer it was all about defense defense defense and while flaco made a ton of plays and one a lot of big road playoff games and a couple of years there and went on that super bowl and score points to do it it's time to start thinking of joe flak on the same breakfast trent dilfer like when we think of average quarterbacks winning super bowls and the first thing that come out of her mouth is trent dilfer want to super bowl we might want to start saying well joe flaco wanna super bowl anybody can win a super bowl show flaco stinks i'll machine that i used to think he was in a league player and maybe once was that track has just gone south and maybe it's not as four because outside of acquiring steve smith who winds up getting banged up a couple of years ago they just their offense of weaponries been bed once they lost ray rice and he fell down a hill and then obviously he had some personal problems that i think we need to get into and they lost that really reliable run game he was exposed i saw enough a joe flaco in his career and i saw enough on on saturday versus the call to tell me the ravens stink and he's thanks and i was wrong in thinking that they could go ruin somebody's playoff day because they wall they they can't they're not good enough are we come back more of your tweets at at morass cbs mr easy cbs and continue to hammer the.

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