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I enjoyed I was going to roll that and I loved it and had my recommendation was the undoing as well. So yeah, we're basically best friends now and there we are. Yeah. Yeah dead and the Queen's Gambit Danny. I finished the Queen's Gambit on Netflix. I'm in the middle of that. Don't tell me what's going to tell you but while I highly recommend that to all the listeners, I I've watched this week Thursday. Should it's amazing. I've watched I think three episodes so I still have some yo that girl is a modern-day Audrey Hepburn. You can't take your eyes off her. She just has this girl. She is riveting isn't riveting. It's like she's the one of those watchable people I've ever seen on screen. It's like just and and he agrees that movie just like cuz it's not leader. She's yeah, it's really odd that series. I mean, well Daddy, what about you? What have you been watching? I have not been watching anything. I can truly recommend, but I'm not any like I feel nervous recommending this but like I really only nerd alive and I am a deep deep nerd who has never said I never saw a moment of Doctor Who ever like I never watched an episode, you know, and all my nerd friends would be talking about things and I just pretend to know and so I saw that it came up on a trio Max and I started watching that and I it's dead. Can't be I'm not even going to but there's it's it's interesting. So that's why I was watching. I've never seen it either. Yeah, I've seen another so this is not like a glowing recommendation for it, So we're not recommending that one but I think that you've been watching but you're not necessarily I will say is I'm going to keep watching it for weeks cuz there's a lot of them. So I'm hooked up but I don't want anybody to judge me if you watch this and don't like it. What the hell is wrong with the adding. That's really this is like that's why I'm pausing this recommendation here. Okay. And this has been really like so special for us. Yes it really I can't thank you enough. I mean this is just so exciting for me my pleasure and I was it was great fun. Yeah, we I love doing thank you so much and we're going to put all the information about that about your new album. And what's your new album called by the way? I don't know the ultimate wage. Christmas The Ultimate Christmas. I don't know something. Okay, if you want to get it to me and Danny, that's fine. We will yeah, but and and and thank you so much. I really really appreciate it. Thank you. Hi. All right, bye-bye, bye-bye..

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