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The governor hundreds of protesters outside the now infamous max public house on staten island. Tonight demanding it open for business we our community. We take back our community. We're all together. I'll take back. Staten island tonight. Okay right away. I think we can all agree that this dude is behaving very white. Yes because it's a very white things to do to just declare yourself an independent. If you don't like the law. I mean the american revolution was basically white guy. Saying i'll drink chain when. I want to drink tea. Got to quiz. Tammy's high t i want. What if i were not or not. What about coffee not to mention. He just declared himself autonomous in front of an american flag. I love these kinds of people and they always wanted both ways. America's tyrannical so i declare myself independent. You will say for real men. White people never cease to amaze me. I mean they will follow all the rules of escape the room to the letter but the moment you ask them to where mosque they turn into freedom fighters. Where was that freedom loving attitude. When i try to pick the luck instead of searching for clues. Hot chad ha chad now. Eventually the police did come to shut down the spa and that my friends is when denny. He's luck rarely started that defiant general manager. Staten island bar was released without bail after he was arrested for hitting sheriff's deputy with his car. This weekend deputies tried to arrest danny prestige after he allowed people to gather at max public house when it was supposed to be shut down when they followed him up the block to his cars. They say he ran and drove off hitting a deputy who rolled onto his hood. And despite this surveillance video that shows the incident press team has a different version of what happened when the investigation is complete. You're gonna find out that. I did nothing wrong weight. Then do to so lucky his wife you can you imagine cup. Say you hit one of them with your car and then you get released without bail. No bail misbelief if he was black. Those cups would have dragged him out of his car. Beat the shit out of him and then beat the shit out of his car and you got to appreciate how he's saying. An investigation is complete. You'll see that. I did nothing wrong. A man you're on video the investigation's all but less than five seconds is just did the investigation and they show your s drive into some police case closed so instead of being punished for plowing into a cop. This guy gets away with it like. He's in grand theft auto. And it's even better than that at least in grand theft auto. You got to go into hiding for a bit before. You're safe no. This guy immediately went to brag about it on fox news. And i'm looking at your business and you're getting killed and these restrictions i mean. Do people really understand your heart. Life and soul is involved in this sir. I just want to say. I applaud a lot of these small business. Owners that peacefully push back against this because they have no other recourse show. you is. People are frustrated and they're protective and they feel like the government is not looking out for by. Should reveal this danny. But i actually know cops that are telling you privately whispering new year. They don't wanna do this to you. There'd be forced to and. I'm really sorry that you're going through all those to be very honest boy. You so lucky white. This dude has a whole network apologizing to him for running over. Wha- policemen policemen any network for fox. News fox away stands with cops against black people but when it's a white guy suddenly fox goes breaking news. The police smoke weed every day. They even told him he was peacefully pushing back when he was pushing with his car. Your you serious right now when black people just walk in the street fox causing a riot but this white guy drives into a cup and police officer officer of the law and fox. News is like now this is. This is a hit and run. This is a hit and run. That martin. Luther king junior would've been proud of but i've got one question for you. Fox news. what happened to blue lives matter what happened to blue lars matter. I guess technically it's blue lives. Matter is above black lives matter but the number one thing is wide lives matter. It's this guy. Declares himself above the law hosts potential superspreader parties at his ball treat. The police like bowling pins and now he's a fox news hero. There is nothing to say except my man. You're so lucky you're white or are we gonna take a quick break but when we come back michael kosta will give us his idea on how to deal with the nightmare. That was twenty twenty. And then we'll look back on why everyone wanted to smash because of twenty twenty..

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