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The big playability. The kind that you saw from George kit last week where he brought a Brock broke a long touchdown. He saw it from Vance two weeks ago with the long touchdown. I just love that about my tied in because if you're tiny goes off, you win the week. Yes, if you get if you get the Jared, cook, twenty eight points. Congratulations. That's what I loved about OJ Howard is that you know he might stink, but every time I might stink. But when he has a game, it's an eighty yard touchdown down the side. So and Vance McDonald, if you're not familiar with his days back in San Francisco, he did that several times in San Francisco where he had the long. Touchdown breakaway. So I, I completely agree with with the analysis. I would love to start Vance McDonald this week. All right. Those were starts of the week. Again, follow us on Twitter at the f. f. ballers to keep up today with everything going on. So you can win in week five and we'll hit our final segment right now. Jason Moore's ironclad locked and loaded one hundred percent guaranteed, boom, boom, kicker of the week. I'm going truck this week with a legit supergiant. I want the high scoring game with Atlanta's Matt Bryant. Poor, Matt Bryant. I mean, because everything makes sense. Have you done, but now now what's going to happen? I mean. No, very nice. Matt. Bryans start your Matt, Ryan's all touchdowns apparently. So any any concluding thoughts Brooks, how you doing over there? You still with us? I'm pretty good. Okay. All right. Well, that is it

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