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It's it doesn't even feel like the three important, right? That's important that. Why you'd know it can be duplicated. It's pure NFL. Now they did have a couple touch passes. We're going to see on the speed sweep. I wouldn't say that part. That's that's a main part of pro football now, but that's the only thing that you can say like on that may be inflated numbers or they trick people know they're going to be able to do this that I mean they remind me a lot of the ninety eight Vikings and the two thousand Vikings ninety eight. We know because Randall Cunningham and the record, but in two thousand Dante Culpepper took over after being a young quarterback light Mahomes and we put up some numbers like they're put they're putting. They reminded me of the ninety nine ramps as far as fat, like skill position guys everywhere. I mean you obviously the Vikings analogy is a great one, but I just and cream hunts not Marshall Faulk, but he's a guy who can catch out of the back. Is it Bruce and Torry Holt? I mean, we haven't even mentioned the name, Sammy Watkins. If Sammy Watkins is just a nice additional complementary piece. I mean that is I mean, the defense is what did I said on? I said, gonna win the game. There were thirty eight points because they hold pits. We're going to thirty five. They spent forgot thirty seven and the this football we didn't even mentioned kilson know who was dominant Jay. He's a good player that says a lot. He not only played well, he beat a Steelers team where this franchise hadn't won there in so many years. So what that does for the conference of a young player has to be huge. Go good. I was. I was going to say on Pittsburgh for move on you. Got, you. Got to keep in mind. They gave up what forty two points the Jags in their playoff game. They now just gave a forty two to the chiefs. Those are both games in Pittsburgh. I I, they still not. They seemingly haven't recovered from the Shazia injury as far as that was good until Ryan shazier got hurt last year. The last five weeks last year it was bad. And the first couple of weeks this year. I know Cleveland only scored twenty one, but they, I mean, Pittsburgh's defense is a real concern. Joe Haden without in that was the problem. Huge problem. I gotta take a break coming up to bogus call, costs the Packers win over the Vikings. That's next. This is the first things first. Back here. First things. First former NFL head coach, Chuck Pagano joins the show they coach catava back came in, you went lot of football. Lot to break down and discuss. Well, let's start with this one. Nothing says NFL football quite like a tie. We got one last week. We got one this week Vikings Packers. Yes, Aaron Rodgers played. Yes. This one was as good as advertised after questionable. Roughing. The passer called on clay Matthews, nullified a Kirk cousins interception with less than two minutes to go. Cousins found Stefan digs to force overtime. Now their team could score bit of a heartbreak for the Vikings at least twenty nine, twenty nine. Was your final coach. Let's start with the Packers. How should they feel after this tight, especially when we weren't sure what we were gonna see from Aaron Rodgers. What a gritty performance. First of all my Byron Rogers coming out didn't practice all week and speculation that he wasn't going to play, but gritty performance. I'm both teams are sitting there had plenty opportunities to win this game. You know, Packers out ahead. You get the call twenty two point scored by the Vikings in the fourth quarter of great comeback. Unbelievable. Throwing catch to feeling point was was phenomenal. You know, they're both one on one. It's really early in the season. So from a standing standpoint and the division lot of football left, obviously, we'll see, you know how it comes into play late as far as the Tigers we. Now, these teams won't be the tiebreaker won't come into play between them at the end of the year because one of them's going to win, we would imagine the game in Minnesota. And so that'll determine that if they finish with the same record, but it's what we're the Packers are. Men a-rod took a lot of punishment to not come away with victory..

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