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Not to claim that good. Why would y'all let polo g go to jail. Okay all right well. That is your room. A report on buddy got protect the bag. Maybe he didn't claim it as a yet. Maybe they go downtown. Speak to a lawyer and then he claims that you don't know yeah but that's too late at that point it out and in that situation twice once you get to jail if that person didn't do it before aid took you off from the scene all getting charged. How right well thank you for that. Report up. Next as the people's choice mix. Let's go to breakfast your mornings on never beat us say. Dj envy and the general insurance is all about making your life easiest. The general has flexible payment options. Any allow you to choose your payment date and how you pain accept cash card or check or eight hundred. General of visit general dot com some restrictions apply morning. Everybody is tj nv. Angela ye shall. I mean the guy we oughta breakfast club. Neshat out to everybody in detroit with upto. I wanna shout out to J neely injust in They bring me down here a lot to do a lot of parties and do so much in. Detroit sodas year. No we own property out here. We do investments out here. I'm having my cautious about here so for my birthday. They gave me my my own pay. A caudill is like you know those cardio lenses are like big in the today call us. That's the buffs. They gave me a pair of buffs. That's what they call cardio linda. This was very excited about that. So i got my first pay a cardio lenses so shout to shelter does brothers and i appreciate them on. Hold down every time. I come to detroit. I right at jane. Ailie sat out to everybody out there at it's a private label detroit muster and determine where you can go and buy some here right now. Eight mile and a quarter. What on is it open at ten a. and we are still looking for a manager and an employee an employee so i know almost paying jobs right now so this is the time on my stop. Am i give me a wig or something on my way back. No right well. Shopping ga- gear blonde headband. Bamberg be cute. Little switch it up may grab on the win now also helps you get you blonde haired man wig envy which it up for you. That'd be cutesie. You come in here with the blonde headband. Wig on the headband. Way is that you gotta have that little leave out in the front. And i don't know if envy has enough you draw on come on stop. Don't disrespect his artists like that. You know you can draw that on. But i did take into consideration. Envy does like the lace career it so we're working on that true good ru good good good. Well shout the rick ross. Speaking laced from being shot the rick. Ross for joining us. Ross you hear disrespectful south of rose a man. He's out the rick ross Joining us this morning and Makes you pick up. his book. Australia book is out right now. It is called the perfect data boss up a hustler guide to build in your empires. Do neil belkin man and we regret always create great magic together race when we come back. We've got the positive no said oh hovis to breakfast morning. Everybody is. Tj envy angela. Charlemagne the guy. We oughta breakfast club. Now it's time to get out of here and you've got a positive note. Yes and i gotta salute. Anita co pacman. Shallow waters is available everywhere. You buy books right now man. It's a great fictional book about the aruban deity of the c- jimmy ya. I love the energy that is providing to the ecosystem right now so make sure you grab a copy of shallow waters by anita kopecks available everywhere. You buy books in my positive notice simply this. I have never met a strong person with an easy pass. Be proud of your scars and the fact that you're still standing breakfast club finisher your done..

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