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Houston we have a podcast welcome to the official podcast of the nasa johnson space center episode 26 can you hear me now i'm gary jordan albir host for the very first episode in 2018 happy new year so on this podcast this is where we bring in the experts esa scientists engineers astronauts flight controllers all the calls people we bring them right here in the show to tell you all the cool stuff about what you want to know about what's going on here nasa so today we're talking about space communications and communication networks with bill foster he's a ground controller in michigan tro houston we had a great discussion about how space communication works what will look like in the future and why it's so important to make mission successful so with no further delay let's go light speed and jump right ahead to our talk with mr bill foster enjoy the miners i marco pantani the mark monitoring award honored monroe already galling user in we have on now two touch on this later if he won't do but one thing that i always wondered about you know the apollo thirteen in the movie you see them entering the black out and then there's this big tension because they're not talking after they are supposed to be out of the blackout this is athauda entry night yep yang reentry and right everybody's worried in and it goes by at near the blackout is pretty predictable uh you know when you're gonna lose contact you know when you should get it so there's no contact ranked two minutes later a so they make contact yeah so that's a tense two minutes so i would either i was at the uh.

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