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It all out on their own. It is still always infrastructure Week. Thanks so much, Elsie. Thanks for having me NPR congressional correspondent Kelsey Snow. This is NPR news. And this is KCRW support comes from Earth Justice, a non profit environmental law organization fighting for justice for all people and the planet Earth justice because the Earth needs a good lawyer. You're listening to morning edition on KCRW. My name is Matt Dillon with you on this Friday. Thanks So much for spending part of your early day with us coming up with some business news. We have We have the marketplace. Morning report Headlines from the East and what's going on on Wall Street? And then when we get into the next hour at the six o'clock hour of the program, we're taking a look at inflation. We're going to be hearing from a former vice chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Be speaking about the latest economic data on inflation in the US and what the outlook is more broadly for the economy that conversation up next hour. Some of KCRW's best work is on greater L. A so school may return in person learning in the next few months. How are you feeling about that? And the cause? I feel like dirt? Kind of boring, in my opinion, so it probably might be better to go to school. So then, like classes won't be boring because I think he'd be cool to see my teacher in person, and we're just going to be there for three hours, So it's gonna be fine. I used to dread school and all the work that came, was it But now I've realized it's not the work the matters most about school. It's spending time with other people and being interactive. Greater L a Monday through Thursday at one and 6 30 right here on KCRW. Looking for another way to support KCRW look no further than your car boat, Motorcycle or RV. Don't junket donated to support the news, music and culture you love go to kcrw dot com slash cars Taking a look right now at your drive this morning, we've got reports of erect for the car down. This isn't the Fontana area wreck with a car over the right shoulder. Uh, this is connected to the 15 south in the I e Looks like a little bit of back up is forming due to this incident also still seeing activity in Chino due to an earlier Sigalert that has multiple lanes. Shut down. This is on the 60 east at Mountain Avenue. Right now, 60 degrees in downtown La 55 at the moment in Santa Barbara. Support for NPR comes from the Kauffman Foundation, working together with communities to break down barriers and prepare all people for success in their jobs and careers as employees.

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