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And now he's facing criminal charges, along with the home's former medical director, Here's W. B. C's Karen Regal in a criminal case. There's a victim in this case there were ultimately 76 attorney general Maura Healey says a grand jury is indicting former Holyoke soldiers home had been at Walsh and former medical director Dr David Clinton. On 10 counts each of criminal neglect A where the ultimate decision makers they were ultimately responsible for the deadly decision to consolidate these two units. General Haley says she believes these are the first prosecutions in the country to come from a covert 19 outbreak in a nursing home. Karen Regal W B Z Boston's NewsRadio an act of terrorism foiled reportedly by federal authorities. CBS's Lisa Matteo reports that two men have been arrested who planned to carry out attacks in Washington, D C and New York City. An investigation is underway as two men are arrested for allegedly plotting to attack the White House and Trump Tower in New York City Jail in Christopher Molina of Texas and Christopher Sean Matthews of South Carolina are facing terror charges for reportedly plotting to bomb More shoot up the sites in attacks inspired by the Islamic state Group. President Trump on the campaign trail today, making his case to voters of color in Georgia and Florida here. CBS is Stephen Portnoy. Speaking to a group of black supporters in Atlanta. The president said from the 1994 crime bill to trade policies, his opponent has done more to hurt African Americans than anyone in Washington today, Joe Biden, you should not Be demanding your support. He should be begging for your forgiveness. You really should earlier, Mr Trump told a crowd in Florida. Joe Biden betrayed Hispanic Americans and I'm fighting for you and President says he hopes to win record numbers of votes from blacks and Hispanics this fall. Stephen Portnoy. CBS News This year's remote in the CP National Convention featured VP candidate Kamala Harris today. Among other things, she addressed conflicting information about voting. Why is it that so many powerful people are tryingto? Make us confused. About how we can vote where we convert if we can vote. And I'll say the answer is probably obvious because they know when we vote, things change. Harris also addressed the recent grand jury decision over the killing of Briana Taylor, saying her life deserves to be valued and honored. A major step toward this week for Boston's first new firehouse in 33 decades. But will you be Zeze Karen Regal has more on that a topping off ceremony is when the final beam is hoisted high and put in place in a new structure. This one was special for Boston's first new firehouse in 30 Years. Boston here, Marty Walsh says it's important to build new firehouses to ensure healthy conditions for firefighters. Commissioner Fin came to me and talked about the quarters that firefighters have Cancer rates all of that stuff that the poor conditions on obviously, you don't have to be an engineer architect to realize that when you walk into a firehouse Understanding the importance of making sure that we take care of our first responders. The final be marked with the seal of the Boston Fire Department and signed by the iron Workers who worked on it. This fire hopes will serve engine 42 rescue to District nine in Boston. Karen Regal W. B. Z Boston's news radio. Concerns being raised about the effectiveness of K in 95 masks, specifically ones imported from China, a group raising the alarm to healthcare workers that the masks may not be safe when dealing with covert positive patients. Here's W. B. C's Mike Macklin. The new research is from the Echo Reinstitute, a healthcare research nonprofit that looked at 15 manufacturers from China that the U. S has been importing K in 95 masks from comparing them to the most effective and 95, Mass. We saw today would be comparable, but As we showed at least a mask we tested or no Dr Marcus Shabak are involved in the research. The numbers look like this 60 to 70% of those imported are considered by decree to be ineffective, Dr Shah Bacher says. While they're not industry standard for the medical community, they still could be used where you're not exposed to a high virus load. However, for doctors and nurses for these virus procedures like intubation or airway manipulation or swallowing off Corbett 19 patients, they should not be used. Jim McKay W B C. Boston's NewsRadio, Massachusetts inmates will be able to receive visitors again starting Monday, the Department of Corrections announced today. There's a limit of one visit per week per prisoner, and they must be scheduled in advance. But visitors will go through a health screening, and both parties can't touch or take off their face coverings and made visits have been suspended since March. It's 6 51 Staying informed.

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