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Role model but you're going to be a role model whether you like it or not that comes with the territory so noah can you is that i believe will talent but he's paul ryan come on a look at his actions when is he going to grow up ron mandeville what's going on your on w to iran with a guy that's going on right hey what you gotta run now why i've heard a yeah i really got a pro i was down eighty the first up that a straighter a lot of fans out there where they will lose ricky parable there is take it up with joy and i was like the same song and dance ron if you look at the first two games like what the same old defense was going to happen even have all been served at a rob what we're going to be five hundred again i mean that that's kind of like that a seven and nine eight nee type season exactly exactly but you gotta give credit to you uh the third coordinator even hicks that we made every economy gather out of daiei iran right you know what christian do you think enron auditor who that nation how we're going to wait and see out his plays out but i'm telling you dennis alan those are the hell he's doing here a to be head coach he ali tensions in and could be a possibility or nashville will leave some damage in the assistant he's getting the assistant coach of the year i think right now through the first two games yes outstanding defensive coordinator in the whole national football league in what rao when you think about this then we say this as saints fans could you bring of okay you to little crowe boy when our office can we get the defense submitted a pack evil would that owing to start went out the which was then last you know what right now we admit all the pack were yet we now know fifteen that is the middle of the pack and then you look at all fridges number two overall uh we number seven rushing number four passing up this is where we hope for huda nation that's where the team is that right now nothing is demons even getting better veto only company you've got a con all the games who we are the bitter to pack and we.

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