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An officer involved shooting in Mesquite. Good afternoon. It's 203 on John Little. We've got clouds right now. And it is 83 degrees feels like a d. A. That humidity at 67% breaking news Now news radio 10 80 K R l D Getting word from Dallas police that there has been some sort of officer involved shooting in mesquite. It happened at a home. Work would trail that south of 80 and east of 6 35 in that quadrant now, Mesquite police say that Dallas police officers followed a suspect in two mesquite. No details yet, But we do know there was some sort of shooting at least one person taken to the hospital. No word on who was shot. We will get you mortgage tales as they become available. Keep it right here on Carol, the for the latest on this developing story out of mesquite. Meanwhile, a former Grand party charter school teacher is behind bars charged with sexually assaulting Child. We have one less child teacher from ST That's Grand Prairie Police officer Mark Buscetta, talking about the arrest of 37 year old Jameel was said of the colony was that had taught that the uplift Grand Preparatory Academy which is not affiliated with the Grand Prairie, I SD beset us says the investigation began this past July, We learned of an outcry statement that was made to a parent from a child of a possible Sexual assault that had occurred at school center says he believes that was that was a kindergarten teacher, but the age of the victim is unknown. Other than that the victim was under the age of 14 was that is in the Grand Prairie Detention Center on $200,000 Bond. The Senate says detectives want to hear from anyone who may have had contact with was that is there may be additional victims. Andrew Greenstein, NewsRadio 10 80 Karol de Thanks, Andrew The DeSoto I SD is calling an emergency meeting there. Addressing certain staff changes that have been made in a whirlwind of a week. Carol these Bailey Friday has the latest district says more staffing changes could be on the way. This comes after Superintendent DeAndre Weaver's resignation on Sunday. Controversial post then surfaced on acting Superintendent Don Hooper's Facebook page, sparking a protest last night out. The district's headquarters. The TA also announced that a state appointed conservator will be monitoring and guiding the district for the time being today, the school district released a statement saying it will hold an emergency meeting on Sunday to reevaluate some of the staffing changes, the statement says officials will consider rescinding the approval of Weavers. RESIGNATION Bailey FRIDAY NEWS RADIO 10 80 K R L T. A grand jury in Denton has indicted a former tanning salon employees from Lewisville. For making lewd videos of customers. Carol these healthy Phillips reports that almost a dozen charges have been returned in the case Amount police, a customer of the Palm Beach Tan Salon on Long Curry Road, had just finished a session the day after Christmas when she looked up and noticed the cell phone that was on top of a divider, and it was recording Captain Shane Jennings says the phone belonged to an employee. The victim gave it to police. Our officers handled it at that time they looked into it. The suspect admitted that that was his phone and that he had placed it up there. And they arrested him at that time for invasive visual recording. 21 year old Carson Lancaster of Lewisville has been indicted on 10 counts. He has already bonded out of jail LP. Phillips News Radio 10 80 Can you LD? We tried to reach out to Palm Beach 10, but they did not return our call. It's another no refusal weekend in tearing county and during such a weekend drivers pulled over for suspect suspected. Do you want? D w Y who refuse? A Breathalyzer test will be subject to a court ordered blood test. Police officers and sheriff's deputies will have access to expedited judicial warrants and centralized blood draw.

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