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Basically. Derek Fisher is like so many winners on that side, you know? And, you know, Kobe and Shaq and those guys were so blessed to be around so much winning, especially at a younger time in their life that even when adversity would hit, you had the GPs, the robberies, and the Phil Jackson and the text winners to kind of settle you, you know, and you know, I believe in, I believe in these type of destinies where when I was a rookie Roddick roads, it was 6 guys that were in front of me. And when I was rookie Roddick rose, who I loved, he was the amazing playful Kentucky. He was all around player. And he tore his shoulder, and when he tore his shoulder, that gave me a little bit of room to come in and play off the bench. And then Scottie Pippen, I mean, the gods, the basketball gods, and the universe kind of helped me and pushed me forward because my two favorite players coming out of college was Scottie Pippen and Eddie Jones. I literally had that basketball cards in my wallet. So Eddie Jones was a close friend of mine because he was a temple. I'm from Philadelphia. And then Scottie Pippen, I didn't know from a can of spray paint. Just so happened that I get drafted to the Houston Rockets, the Scottie Pippen gets traded to these rockets. I'm like, oh man, come on. It's too much, right? So, you know, Scotty pushed me and just to be in a part of all of that. For me, man, and going back to this 2004 and watching that on being on the floor, watching those guys, it's just a certain destiny that, you know, we, you know, you have to really absorb and really enjoy the moments, right? And I don't think I really enjoy the moment as much as I should have, right? And really took everything in it. And the person that I admire the most out of anybody I've ever met in my life that I've really seen take the moment and not care what no one said is Kobe. And I care what no one said, but literally because some people, they absorb the moment, they work hard, but they don't really become selfish within themselves and say, you know what? I don't care about nothing else. I'm going to be so good that it may tick people off, but I'm going to stick to my destiny. And you know, a lot of us veer off, you know, we veer off at certain points in some comeback and some don't, you know, I'm just looking at something about Tiger Woods. And it was just that, you know, him maybe doing whatever he's doing in crash. I don't know if he was alcohol. I don't know what it was, but today is just that laser focus for a certain amount of time, Kobe's always had from we were kids. Until he passed, which hurt me a lot, you know, 'cause growing up together, you know, that's one of your peers, one of your brothers that you kind of inspired you to become what you are at that moment in time. And some people you think is going to live to their hundreds, right? And he was one of those guys. But you know, it's just one of those moments, man, where, you know, it's numb, right? Being on that floor and then having so many greats on the floor, and then you say to yourself, damn, man, I'm a part of this group. You know? So, you know, it was special moment. And I should have seized it more, right? I should have really seized it more, but again, again, it's an experience that you really have to go through first and just to enjoy the next time something blessings like that happen. You have to be aware of them. Yo, we gotta tap in real quick. Let's hear a quick word from our sponsors. Ford Motor Company is committed to moving forward together with new all electric vehicles that offer an efficient and exhilarating driving experience. Don't be the last to join us on the road of new electric vehicles as we redefine what electric can do. 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The year we were traded, just that we've, you know, we just so happened to be at the super team, but the Lakers when they had Gary Payton and Kobe and then Rick Fox and, you know, Karl Malone was at the fore and she killed nibbles at the 5 and then you had all these guys coming off the bench that were amazing, you know, Derek Fisher and all those guys. So, you know, the we lost in the 5 game series. They went on to lose to Detroit Pistons that year. But, you know, it goes back from then and at the time they were saying he wasn't trade, Steve and I, we were fine. We thought we were fine. We were looking at when they were building new arena and we're helping design the uniforms, man, you didn't even, you know, you couldn't expect that at all. So we go to Orlando and Orlando, the year before, only one 18 games with Tracy mcgrady in those guys. So we had just lost it, you know, the people the guys who lost to the super team who lost to Detroit. So I'm sitting there like three starters go from, I think we're like third or fourth ranked in the history defensively defensive field goal in the league ever. At the time with Tom thibodeau and Jeffrey Gundy. So I'm not thinking we're going anywhere. But, you know, we get traded, you know, this business and Tracy mcgrady, juwan Howard and three other guys, ty lue. He goes over. It's 5 of them. Go over to the Houston in myself, see Francis and Calvin kato three starters from the Houston team goes to Orlando. We go and we start winning, we're in the top in the east at the moment. I get hurt. I get a little knickknacks or whatever thinks my calf or whatever. But we're still winning. I'm shooting 40 something percent from three. Steve is doing his thing. Cato, Dwight Howard was a rookie, Jimmy and Nelson was a rookie. He to turkey who was coming off the bench. Grant Hill was at the three. We had a great squad. And then it took a turn. It took a turn because, you know, Johnny Johnny Davis was our coach, and we were winning.

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