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Think your team is Shantz against a juggernaut this week. There little heart feel like there's a conspiracy against your favorite player bless their little high. Leave your coach isn't interested in that. Other job bless their little hearts. All right. Ben heart sock. We start with you. I'm going to defer. My bless their little hearts and go with you first. So who you got my bless their little heart. We spent a lot of time talking about it today. Pittsburgh Steelers fans, oh boy for what seems like an eternity. They have relished in existence of security and continuity. In constant relevance outside of outside of the patriots. The Steelers are always in the discussion. You've you've got to think of how long the page or the Steelers have had guys guys like Alan Fanta. Joey porter Brett Kiesel Hines ward, Casey Hampton, James ferry. All these these guys that they're the stable foundational teammates that you've come to define that have come to define Steelers and the Steelers brand hundred percent. And now we are watching a steeler's drama unfold that is like perfect for reality TV. What is it the Jesse James said, it's like, we're the Kardashians of the NFL like like think of all the love the layers of this function that they're dealing with right now between Ben Rothlisberger, you know, being called every year. It's is he going to be is he gonna play am I going to retire? Am I not gonna retire? Ben Rothlisberger San things. Like, well, maybe I should retire. Maybe I should be benched. Latvian bell sat out the entire season. He would rather sit out then get paid fourteen and a half million dollars.

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