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It's just not exactly what we want to see him. Do we want to see him. Hit the ball along and he hasn't been doing that a whole lot lately. So i guess it's good to get on base way or another but is actually pitching on sunday so they can't take out of that game. The mariners are going to have to face in one way or another. Yeah it is interesting that he's had this like slump at the plate and then you know he had a start pushed back because of fatigue and then he came out in like just search. So you're like oh is he. Is he heard something bothering him. And then you watch him pitch and you're like i think he's fine. Yeah l. sometimes you just have an extended slump. It's a thing that happens. Geyser streaky. yeah. It was a phil. Goslin was hitting behind. You know no offense to fill away. But yeah i mean when you don't have trout and you don't have down and you don't even have justin upton right and you've got whilst but that's back lefties and so often they're broken up so it's just been fill goslin hidden behind otani lately and that just doesn't scare you really now see. Has it behind him. Really just like you know. Think jack mayfield has hit him this month like it is not exactly murders row factor. So do what you have to do. If you're the mariners and you're trying to win every game but hopefully we will actually see joe hayden hits and homers before the end of the season. Yeah hopefully we also get one more email about a card gate conspiracy theory that we had not considered and this is from listener. Anne who writes. It's a nice idea that the jays orchestrated this whole thing. But i don't think it really fits the circumstance. Instead i believe the scandal was manufactured by rob manfred andrew west as part of an effort to fight back against big data before card gate. No one even do these cards existed. Let alone was bothered by them. This ongoing public crisis has brought many new voices to the four calling for a ban on cheats in on the field. All in all. I believe alejandro kirk was sabotaged and set up. Oh my gosh. The plant was not by the blue jays. It was by. Mlb or joe west. I i mean. I'm fine with this theory. If for no other reason than it might one day inspire. A movie in which A brave whistle blower has to come forth and defend the honor of all one hundred kirk and catchers everywhere and he will be played by. George clooney yeah. It has actually changed the discourse or or at least brought this to attention. I think is we have been talking about it already. The cards and whether we like them and they should be allowed as thinking back as we were talking about this on the ringer movie show too but back in i think it was september twenty eighteen when phillies reliever austin davis. Used a card on the mound. Which was i. Don't know if it was the first time. But that was after outfielders had started using them maybe even after catchers at started using them. But i haven't really seen pitchers use them and us. The davis just broke out his car while he was pitching and joe west just reflexively confiscate it. She had no grounds to do it. Was that against the rules in any way. But he just marched out there and took it and cowboy showed up and everyone kind of knocked him a little bit because it was like old fashioned seato. Regressive joe west. He doesn't like information or whatever and at the time. I sorta sympathized with davis but now i'm thinking country joe was just ahead of the game in. We've all kind of caught up to him. No we haven't all cut up to him because some of us don't care about them using cards ben. I'm gonna continue to hammer this home. Like some of us really. Don't care. some of us think it is fine. Some of us think they have a lot to keep track of and they. They have a lot up in their brains. But sometimes it's helpful to have a little chichi and it's fine shan. I can't bring myself to be fussed about it. I just can't. I don't think that this is like zombie runner rule. I don't think you will persuade me like. I think it's fine to have notes beat paired. That's okay. I'm not mad about it. Could i prove being prepared to be. It's like have your notes but when it's time to take the test you gotta leave your notes in your locker right. I mean it's to be. It's like you know going off book in play right. If you show up on broadway and everyone's walking around with their script. Hey it's hard to remember. All those lines i get it but you want to see them. In the moment you don't want to be taken out of it by the fact that they have a script right and i'm sort of similarly taking out of it by baseball players pulled out their card so i want major league baseball players to be off book by the time it begins. I just. i don't have to persuade you. That's fine we disagree. Yup as we said before. It's nice for us to do that. Occasionally because just like aren't we boso smart. This is not a top priority for me. Either this got like my defining issue there many other problems that are bigger than us. Oh let's do a draft draft. I i think that we're both. We are somewhat prepared for this. A we're off book for this draft. Probably use she cheats for this. But we're going to do our best here. So this was a listener suggested draft gannon. I think it's a good suggestion. It came to us this week. From listener amy who wrote drafts for effectively wild groundbreaking. However i think it would be very fun to listen to a draft of postseason for wildcard game onward matchups. Either when the schedule is set or hypothetically the postseason matchups from qualified teams that you would like to see the most bird teams devil magic teams. John smoltz complaints about but the ratings teams. Why brewers white sox will be the best rotations ever teams anyway. I humbly submit this idea for your consideration. And we're glad that she did..

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