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Let's turn away from the U. S election for a moment because there is fierce fighting in Ethiopia, the most important country in the Horn of Africa. It's the second most populous in the continent. And there are reports of heavy fighting continuing in the northern region ofthe Tigre after Ethiopia's Prime minister Abby Ahmed, who just a year ago you'll remember won the Nobel Peace Prize announced he was sending troops to the rest of area. He said two grand troops had attacked a federal army base, all of which is prompting the threat ofthe civil war. As well as regional instability. A short time ago, I spoke to Dr Howell Hello, who is Ethiopian himself and a senior lecturer in law at the university off keel first, what's behind this offensive? This is a conflict that many soul coming. But the latest incidents that symptom is committed. The situation is in massacre against civilian populations in the only original estates in Westwood, Lenka In a soon as news of the massacre. Kim the federal government gun toe accused TPLF, which is a Tigre peoplesliberation fronts that now governed by region. For working in coordination with the Animal Liberation Front to carry out this particular Masako. Do you think that it can also be defined as it stands at the moment as a civil war? Oh, absolutely. This is a similar in the sense that this is a regional government fighting the central government. The world will, of course know Prime Minister Abby Amad as the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize last year for formalizing peace with neighbouring Eritrea is Thiss Civil war inside Ethiopia won that Prime Minister Abby can win. It's very difficult to say civil wars usually don't really have clear winners and clear losers, especially in the context where the fighting is between. Original government and the central government where the regional government has significant resources Artists disposal degrade generally is part ofthe Ethiopia, where most of the words that you pay a fort or the last four digits have before so this is a battle hardened society and also have access to Most ofthe Ethiopia's highly sophisticated military hardware, so I don't think there would be a clear winner and ultimately uniting the country population. The political settlement that is being debated will suffer significantly as a result of this confrontation, and in terms of the risk and the stakes for Ethiopia. How would you characterize those? This is going to be a very complicated, very protracted conflict. So if Bobby with his vision off, creating a more centralized Emori unitary state if he prevails, then it is likely that his vision for the future of Serbia would have a significant post. But if TPLF wins is a confrontation or monies to bring ivy to a negotiation, then the current political settlement which creates it and build regions and grants, autonomy allows reaches to use their own language develops their culture. This kind of federal arrangement would have a chance to continue. So somewhere in the middle, I think there is a possibility off these forces making, but the war continues and tensions running high. The likelihood of two forces coming together would be very, very limited unless the international community takes the time invests. Enough resources to force the two regions to come to anyone, in your view is that the possibility of any threat of regional instability as a result of what's happening inside Ethiopia? Absolutely. It is a major countries in the Horn of Africa region, Nuytinck. It's a country that play a significant part. It stablize the largely on unstable region. So you have Somalia to Easter retreat to the north, stand A ll countries with sedition. Security challenges, highly fragile region. The descent off that you've been estate into a civil conflict would have significant gratification. That was Dr Howell. Hello Senior Electorate Law in law at the university off keel talking to us about the fighting taking place between the tea grands on DTH e Ethiopian army. He is calling it, Of course, a civil war in anything but name do keep up to date with what's happening in other parts of the world, not just a In the United States. Of course, all eyes are on the outcome of the US election by keeping in touch with our website BBC dot com Forward slash news You're listening to the BBC.

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