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Look at the world actually needs you and needs you in your highest best. Most efficient cells right and this isn't like a moral thin. It's not like you were bad now. You have to be good. It's like the world needs people like you and actually heard that for the first time like if we actually want things to change and and we want more beauty than we have to actually go out and do it you know and be it and And I that that goes into dislike. Always remember that were continually recreating ourselves every day. Every every week every month every year and it's like children like as soon as you start to get into rhythm your kids like they change like all of a sudden they're different different person in you've got like the Agile and moves so that you can serve them in the best Fossil Winston. The same grace needs to be given to each human being we're always changing and Yeah so I'm I'm still working on it and I'm sure off forever. Well that's a perfect place to leave it and I wanna just ask you before I send you back into your day. Abby Wambach to shout out a queiro. Can You Let our listeners know of a person place or thing that made you feel confident being who you are today? Actually somebody who I've I've just recently met over the last six months whose name is sandy ruled and he is an executive for verizon media I run a leadership program inside of rising media. And he is a queer fellow and somebody who is living kind of an an abnormal lace right in in our minds like in our in our like brainwash minds like gay folks. Don't make it to the C. Suite level right don't to executive level of big corporations in this beautiful man you know he has just been such an inspiration. Such a leader You Know He. He talks the talk and he walks the walk. He's brilliant and he's beautiful and he has really Not only helped me personally. But the way he walks in the world is helping all gay people everywhere and he's not that's not his mission. It's not why he's doing it it just who he is an I really. I really admire him. Look we'll think savvy so awesome talking to you thank you for making. Yeah we had a great time..

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