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Eighth. Rita Kessler on the traffic center right now, in Maryland, onto 70 near 3 70 report of some debris in the roadway. Keep an eye out in either direction and watch for response showing up to the scene where we are seeing the volume on 2 70 is South bound, passing 85 then from 80 in Havana, often on passing one of nine, But those lanes should be open outer loop top side of the Beltway. Slow from 95 around toward Georgia Avenue. Uh, Interlude. Delays remain before 22 headed past 2 14 Central Avenue. But that crash was out of the roadway, then interlude volume passing to 10 and after you cross the Wilson Bridge, some brief delays in Alexandria, then again, seeing a slowdown out of Springfield headed past 2 36 in Annandale, with the lanes open, Also in Virginia, eastbound 66 heavy passing to 30 for business, passing 28 in Centerville and approaching the Beltway north, about 95 the volume between Dale City in Woodbridge and through Lorton and Newington with The lanes open North found 3 95 slows, passing Duke Street and getting onto the inbound 14th Street bridge. The north on George Washington Parkway is heavy between the 14th and the memorial Bridge. Now in the district, the westbound freeway slows near Main Avenue. Getting onto the case Bridge with nothing in the roadway. Sonbong Si tu 95 slows off of 50 in the B W Parkway. So that inbound 50 delay begins near 202 Southbound Parkway slows near Kennel Worth Avenue, getting onto both New York Avenue and D. C to 95 northbound and I to 95 No. Put it issues between the Beltway and the 11th Street Bridge, while the inbound Suitland Parkway little heavy passing Branch Avenue, trying to make your way toward the Douglas Bridge and inbound New York Avenue. The volume approaching the light of Bladensburg Road, Martin Luther King Jr Avenue near V Street Southeast was a report of Iraq Back in Maryland. Fair Land. Roads still closed between Tamarack Road in serpentine Way for the ongoing crash investigation helps over dinner. Feed families in need. Go to silver diner dot com and donate $10 to real food for kids, You'll receive a $10. If you get off your next 19 visit to Silver Diner, eat well, do well. I'm Rita Kessler. W t o p. Traffic stifling Summer day ahead. Here's Lauryn Ricketts. Lots of sunshine out there today and today is going to be hotter than yesterday. Yesterday those temperatures made it into the upper eighties to right around 90.

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