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South vietnamese against the north vietnamese and in that year in nineteen sixty seven when when the that the position of the johnson mistreating was we don't need a declaration of war over eleven thousand united states soldiers were killed in vietnam in the in that one year that's more than the entirety of the number of soldiers we've lost in around on afghanistan over sixteen years and then the next year nineteen sixty eight that number one up on up to over sixteen thousand and so this was full fledged war by anyone's definition when you look at it but it was not legally a w war as far as the senators were concerned and they now understood that the johnson ministration had no intention of trying to legalize the war and so gene mccarthy was outraged by that outraged to the point where he actually didn't say anything in the hearing there's no dramatic confrontation in the transcript of the hearing with the under secretary of state instead he was so livid that an i suspect he he wouldn't have trusted what he would have said he got up and left the hearing and and one when walking out said to his chief staff that if he had to run for president to to do it he would by which he meant i get the war on the ballot their response from the white house they'll certainly lyndon johnson was not trying to prosecute the war for his own goals except that he did i wanna be a president to go down in the books who had lost a war for he didn't want to be the first president to lose a war that was his obsession the trouble is that couldn't lead you to a tactical strategy that just lead you to the thing you all it did was conclude what you weren't going to do which was and the war so tell us a little bit more about the personality of gene mccarthy who this guy was because he went through this campaign almost personally trying to sabotage himself in certain kept running time after time after time and that's where the tragedy of his personal figured for me comes in is how he ended up the most important thing to know about and was a presidential candidate is that he did not want to run he absolutely did not want to run this was not.

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