Robinson, Nystrom discussed on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu - Relationship Theory on Maintaining Long Distance relationships


Danger danger danger will robinson like that is that's crazy town me i'm just gonna be like nystrom offensive to think that there's anything that you should be talking about now having said that like i don't know use of like if if the always talking about issues and all of that like if if that's just like your emo and you're always talking about it likei can see how that'd be so draining but you absolutely have to like getting down into the weeds is how you're going to make a relationship work 100 like the union have a shot at long term like real connectedness in real happiness if you don't talk about all that defined terms get into nittygritty of how things make you feel rules of engagement like all of that stuff all the like huge conversation about how you actually prepare yourself for success of the longrun how you grow together how you open the lines of communication about what's working what's not working i mean like everything everything everything so if she's pushing back against that for no reason like and these things are so hard to answer in the abstract it's crazy in the nittygritty weeds there may be like something else going on and like so than addressing that becomes sort of relevant so i really need to understand like what's really going on here is it like that's her way of coping like we're apart so much likeii don't even care about that stuff i just.

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