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Yes And as you guys are kind of contemplating this d- receiving officer comes up to your table and says all right the major will see you. Now come come and he just turns expecting you to follow right. We can we pause for one second. And i don't mean to steal the hideous laughter swag but i've been curious this whole time. What the fuck is everybody drinking. We waited a while to get to that. Yeah there's very little preamble. it's not our show but true we're not running it. I mean i'm gonna lead with that. But you know something i was looking forward to. You know pits here in the mess hall right. Yeah yeah yeah natasa. The tassie just got done crushing her firsthand and is working her way. A second one all year it's classic. Oh go ahead. I'm drinking and obidos strawberry lager ice choice. I'm drinking a parade punch. Can with whiskey in it gone bucci. I've had a couple. We make me a little bit. You're not doing it right then. There's a lot this is. This flavor is pair in jasmine blossom. And it makes his nicely with this bullet. Ri- nice his sophisticated compared to what i what are you drinking griffin. It's five hard seltzer. lime flavor. Third century started recording. So oh wow here. We go for more booze soon. Yeah we're gonna have to break for more shortly. what about you. I am drinking a maiden shreveport southern drawl dry up hills ner liked it because of the art. And it's okay. If it's just okay. So i was also curious about the hideous laughter. Boys said who their character was cast ads right. We've got daryl hannah and we've got dave teesta. Emily who work for your your dragging. i mean. obviously it's that one guy. Whose name is andy circus. Thank you him how. Well you boy texarkana is. It's funny with the lord of the rings connection we've got you know the half treatment but it's matthew mcconaughey all right okay. All right yet another shift. For the ol- mc reconaissance. He's going back to sifi like interstellar so much. Yes quick point of clarification. you've is actually silver. Dragon can with little purple flicks. Not a chromatic dragons. I've been neck been there was i just wanted to clear up some of the housekeeping stuff because we just jumped right into this thing. That's right you gotta get gotta get It's always good to put the intro in the middle. Yeah i should. That's everybody knows and what we're drinking. Yeah everybody who needed that. Hey everybody at home. Money and steve. I play bay on the hideous laughter. Podcasts did that's this log everybody the start of the access to care for everybody else. Let's the table we've got here on my left on my screen. Top left on seeing steve from hideous laughter. How you doing tonight. I'm doing pretty well. Adam really psyched to be here ever. Since they announced attack of the swarm. I i mean griffin. Can vouch for me. This is the one that i have over and over and over like pounded into his brain that i wanna play. It's why i got all the books were playing. I didn't read them. I mean how. How serendipitous and speaking there that's griffin the gm from hideous laughter. How are you doing you know doing. Pretty dang good. I'm very excited to play. I think the last time. Stephen i got to play any starfighter was in our dead son's campaign which ended six months ago longtime ago. Yeah a little while. We're shaken off the rust. But i'm really really excited to play this and I figured the voice. I was gonna use today. Was going to hurt my vocal cords. So i made sure to pack a lotta alcohol proud to enjoy joining me on the on the right side of the screen table. I have on the top heath parker. Hey hey how you doing. I'm good man. Taking a break from titanium mike getting to play a little half link. That has a man. I can't lie like if i were to give you the full description of this character. It's not like it's got a long backstory. It's just like because of my class race personality. Combo there like eight descriptors just gonna say donkey from shrek. Well that implies something else and rounding out the table of course we have emily. How're you doing. Super good pretty fucking pump to kind of be at the virtual table with all you cats. This is kinda like crew. Guess you could say because this the all star game the for the first podcasts supergroup. Yeah that's it we did it. My name's adam and also from southern tomfoolery. And i hope you enjoyed the prologue.

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