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Your kids have taken over your dining room table three some champion and tell us a little bit more behind every room every room, right? Whatever way your kids are attending school this year, bring some very much extra challenges for both students and for the parents, so we believe it is even more important to feed your kids foods that will help them focus. And learn. Yes, that is so true. Whether your student is in college or kindergarten food counts when you want them to have good brain power. Well, Good morning, everyone. I am Caroline Hudson and as a dietician, I am constantly reading and learning about how I can improve my own nutritional counseling skills so I can help my clam clients both young and, of course old. I want them to feel better do better, and I understand how food helps build memory and focus in Children, adults and, of course, even in our seniors. Joining me today in studio is registered and licensed dietitian Theresa Wagner. Who is living through this unique back the school journey with her three Children, ages 11 9 and six and in April actually was, Oh, yeah, it was in April, Right, Theresa, You wrote that great blogged about the challenges as a parent who is trying her best to theater, kids, healthy meals and snacks. Throughout. Every day, Right? Right. Three side loved your line.

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