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Why because i think miami has a closer i think if dwayne way was to take over games at the end it'd been this series the first round remember tracy hit the game winner against the the seventy that i think they're evenly matched with joel embiid line without him i give the vantage miami wait i give the vantage the vantage miami without joel embiid in his line okay i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm not gonna say that they're going to win the series but i'm gonna back up here a little bit on this the heat of you mentioned they were to against those two wins came within the last six weeks they beat him once in miami and then they beat him again later that that was not when the when the sixers were losing nine of ten like back in december i'm talking about when they got good he beat them twice a heat played nineteen games this year one possession last night they played their ninth overtime game regardless of how how how it goes these games are going to be tied at the end and that's where the sixers play off experiencing attested mendes wa think miami we'll take this because i look on a miami side i think in this first round de way can take over games i'll look on the philadelphia side because they don't believe in miami over the game when it's on the line who am i going to get to i'm seeing people predicted this is going to be a sweep but i'm just saying that that's not this is gonna be a fight even even if it's four one the heat are going to make the best player can't shoot free throws down the stretch of games if he's going to have the ball try to drive he's getting fat we put him on i'm just.

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