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Algiers judd hickinbotham in number one is the weather's sunny breezy for your tuesday look for strong wind gusts later this afternoon the high all stick in the mid 60s number two the falcons hold a state of the team meeting to figure things out after sunday's loss in new england the dropped into three and three of the season and number three is wsb's top story president trump makes an inperson appeal to members of congress today for his proposed tax reform force bonded steven portnoy says more than forty four million households took the state and local tax deduction in 2015 that your benefits go to people who live in states with higher taxes white house argues that the doctrine is unfair to people who live in states with lower taxes just how many families might be in for a tax increase if the deduction is scrapped won't be known until republicans released the details of their plan president says four one k plans will not change get the top story every fifteen minutes on atlanta's morning news police in florida worry there may be a serial killer on the loose in a tampa neighborhood seminal hide civic association president stan lassiter says zebra ward offered we've raised with with the city of tampa police department there's now for twenty five thousand dollars four reward at least three people have been killed since october night within a one mile radius shots were fired at a georgia military base a spokesman says the shots at fort stewart likely were from a domestic argument no injuries were reported after several shots were fired in a parking lot outside a classroom building a woman identified as a civilian has been detained by military police a all will be held this week for the woman who was killed when her car was hit by a flying tire always have three slow any two i've seen us lila his grief unbearable after his daughter dies in a freak accident dad bj alec seen as his planning a funeral thursday in roswell for his daughter juliana she was killed on georgia 400 last thursday when a tire from another car flies off and hits her windshield while she's driving to work she he was married and a mother of two dudes just lie deals by best friend robert orlinsky wsb after just five months on.

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