Four Months, Fifteen Twenty Hours, Five Billion Dollars discussed on Smart Investing with Brent Wilsey


That would give us a nice target sell price of a hundred and six dollars and twenty six cents again the big concern we have here debt that would you say four hundred percent you've got to look at that you gotta understand the equity and it's just a big concern in which i dig on the balance sheet a year ago their debt was three point five billion dollars four point two billion directly is increasing was three hundred fifty three million a year ago now it's about a billion now but i would have to understand more about that debt because it it does look bad directories kind of small they could be also buying back stock which would decrease or equity which is a good thing because you buy back stock but you gotta be careful here so i like everything except for that debt and i just i don't know if i get comfortable with it all right can i ask you not to your church or um i agree totally you should buy stock and put it away and think long term and i do think long term but i tend to buy like half a position get into a stock and that's kinda watch it okay at the beginning yeah i see what your philosophy is what we do is we'll spend fifteen twenty hours of research we'll look at it coming for two three or four months so when we do it we get we by six percent of our portfolio because at that point in time we know very well because when negative with what you're doing is you find something you get a good price for it and then it's up four months down the road like oh shoot i should about more so i see what you're doing but i would say do all your research i then when you liked the company then go ahead and buy a good position all right okay thank you okay richard i have a great day bye all.

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