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At some point during his studies. Dangelo met fellow student. Bonnie Jean Colwell the to hit it off and were engaged in nineteen seventy to their wedding announcement printed in the Auburn Journal. Detailed Bonnie was a lab assistant and Di Angelo was affiliated with the Vets Club. And the president's honor roll they appeared to be an ideal couple in reality. They were far from perfect funny later. Recalled deangelis bizarre behavior during sex according to her his appetite was insatiable. He wanted it to go on for hours when interviewed. Bonnie told police that although she was never forced to do anything he was oblivious to her exhaustion and discomfort during their encounters he also had a tendency to break away from her as he was about to climax then return minutes later and continue having sex. She claimed he do this several times over the course of a night. Bonnie admits that Diangelo was her first sexual experience and so she had little point of reference. For what normal was however it was an early indicator of his sexual perversions. A study conducted by the University of New South Wales and published in the Journal. Aggressive behavior found that the aggression displayed by the participants of the study can be partially explained by Men's entitlement to sex if men think they're entitled to a sexual relationship with a woman. They're less likely to exhibit self control more likely to endorse traditional gender roles and more likely to be hostile toward women. After rejection. Eventually behavior became too much Bonnie. She broke off their relationship before the wedding less than a year later. She married another man. The break-up likely caused the Angelo to feel the familiar pangs of abandonment and insecurity that plagued him as a teen after his parents divorce. This major romantic disappointment seems to have contributed to his negative feelings toward women for years he would recall. Bonnie and moments of rage and claim. He hated her despite. Or maybe because of Bonnie's swift marriage to another man de Ngelo also married soon after he met twenty year old law student Sharon Huddle at Sacramento State and by November of nineteen seventy-three. They were WED that same year. Twenty-eight-year-old the Angelo was hired by the Exeter Police Department a small city about fifty miles southeast of Fresno. Almost as soon as he became a cop de Ngelo began to Dabble in crime. It's believed he started as a voyeur. In mid nineteen seventy-three several residents in the nearby town of I- Salia reported seeing a strange man at their window. His first confirmed. Crime was reported in March of Nineteen. Seventy four as he began a string of burglaries and break INS. This crime spree earned twenty nine year old Angelo. The first of his many enigmatic monikers the by Salia ransacked her he prowled the local neighborhoods often staking out homes for hours before breaking in. He developed a pattern to his home. Invasions the Vice Salia Ransack irs. Mo was to sneak inside through an open window or unlocked door and go through the owners possessions. He vandalize property scattered women's underwear and stole personal items rather than those of monetary value. It didn't take long for him to become a prolific thief multiple same day. Break-ins were common on Saturday November twentieth. Nineteen seventy four twelve. Separate incidents were reported. Ironically as the ran soccer took cold VI- Salia di Angelo was assigned to burglary detail in nearby. Exeter after one hundred twenty reported break Ins Ransacking of empty homes. No longer gave him the thrill that year and four. He was ready for something more. His need for excitement brought him to the smelling home one night. In September of nineteen seventy five clawed smelling a journalism Professor Suddenly Awoke to a commotion Diangelo had broken into his home and attempted to drag his sixteen year old daughter out of the house. Claude rushed in to find him in the act but the Angelo panicked perhaps feeling the situation slip from his control de Ngelo shot Claude. Who's staggered back into his home and later died then de. Ngelo kicked bath in the face and fled before authorities arrived on the scene the escalation of the ransack irs crimes force. The Vice Eliot police to up their efforts in catching him given his tendency to strike within the same neighborhood. The police set up an overnight sting operation in December nineteen seventy five near the smelling home. They stationed a detective on the streets and waited for the rand soccer to appear that night. Detective McGowan spotted a masked man prowling between two homes. He knew it must be the man they were searching for. Mcgowan rushed over and pulled his gun attempting to place the masked men under arrest but the Angelo's training is a police officer gave him an advantage. He tricked McGowan into thinking. He would surrender by taking his mask off. No one had ever seen the ransack irs face. So McGowan's curiosity got the best of him rather than keeping his gun trained on the suspect. The detective pulled out a flashlight to get a clearer. Look at the criminal in the blink of an eye. Dangelo pulled a gun and shot at McGowan. The bullet missed the detective but hit his flashlight. Shards from the broken light. Temporarily Blinded McGowan in the commotion. The Angelo was able to escape. It was a frighteningly close. Call one that the Angelo made sure would never happen again. That night marked the end of the year ransack crime spree but the worst was yet to come. We'll explore the rise of the East area rapist after this podcast listeners. If you enjoy stories about murder mystery and the unexplained you'll absolutely love the new podcast original series supernatural with Ashley Flowers it's hosted by crime junkies Ashley Flowers and you can hear new episodes every Wednesday. We all know that most mysteries can be solved by looking at the facts but sometimes the facts don't lead to a logical explanation. The truth lies somewhere in the unknown in supernatural with Ashley. Flowers Ashley takes a deep dive into the strange and surreal to explain some of the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences each week. She'll dig into a different crime or mystery where the most fitting theory isn't always the most conventional from exercises to unsolved murders to alien abductions. Ashley will take on. Details challenge the unexplained and dissect the facts with a heavy helping of skepticism and rationale. So are you ready to get to the bottom of history's most peculiar events? Follow supernatural with Ashley. Flowers free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts now. Back to the story thirty year old Small Town Cop and serial criminal Joseph James Dangelo barely evaded capture in December of nineteen. Seventy five though. He still had his freedom. His face had been seen by a police. Detective during an attempted burglary an official composite drawing soon followed McGowan described. The prowler as having an athletic build in his early twenty s possibly left handed and sporting shaggy brown hair. Joseph James Dangelo now. Thirty grew worried that his colleagues at the Police Department would recognize him. He probably decided it was too risky to remain in the area. He applied for a job with Auburn Police Department. His previous hometown in May nineteen seventy six. He got the position and move to Auburn with his wife. Sharon a fellow Auburn. Pd OFFICER NICHOLAS. Willik recalled de Ngelo as just an average person an average Joe however another former colleague did notice something off about the young cop retired officer fair award said. I think he had a bachelor's degree all kinds of training. He didn't fit in with the other guys. We like to joke in screw around and take the stress off of what we were doing. He was always serious. While de Ngelo maintained this professional facade by day once night fell he allegedly became the monster dubbed the East area rapist. On the night of June seventeenth nineteen seventy six. The East area rapist set out to Rancho Cordova a Sacramento suburb. This time his intentions were more sinister than ever before. It's likely he had stalked his victim. A telephone company employees in preparation for his attack. She reported a dark car drove past her house on multiple occasions. The driver would turn his head away from her when she tried to get a look at his face for two weeks. She received various hangup phone calls part of the tactic to make sure she was home alone. On the night of the Seventeenth de Ngelo apparently parked his car by the nearby train tracks and snuck through the neighborhoods backyards until he reached the victim's house once there he cut the phone line before picking the back door lock and making his way inside in the earliest hours of June eighteenth. He appeared at the victims bedroom doorway. He wore a ski mask a dark t shirt gloves and nothing else. The East area rapist tap on the door frame and mockingly called out her name. The woman woke up to see the visibly aroused intruder at the foot of her bed. She squirmed as he held a knife to her temple and threatened to kill her. If she moved a muscle he then tied.

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