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That really happened right now but make sure you wash your hands before you go the latest numbers good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott in the Katie okay new center today's weather in a word hot how forecast is coming up the state health department says covert nineteen death count in Oklahoma is now fifty one that's another five deaths is the health department's report on Sunday the additional deaths have occurred in Greer Oklahoma Osage and bottled water because on east Oklahoma now has one thousand three hundred twenty seven confirmed cases more than three hundred people have been hospitalized they got three city councillors voted to require residents to wear cloth masks in public to stop the spread of covert nineteen the order went into effect at midnight this morning the city says don't buy medical mass there needed by health care workers they say the face coverings are not primarily to protect the wearer but to protect the wearer from infecting others because infected people take a long time to develop symptoms some never do the order will stay in effect until may fifth the state legislature votes to withdraw money from the state reserve accounts to fill the budget hole caused by the code nineteen slowdown senator Roger Thompson of okina says it avoids budget cuts and protects core services our number one priority right now is mature as health care and that health care is going to be taken care of for the state and we have a lot of federal money that's coming in to help offset that but we're looking to to make sure that health care is taken care of Thompson chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee from the weather center around the four warn storm team it'll become mostly sunny day real head to eight four are high and then tonight will drop back to the mid fifties for our low tomorrow mostly sunny again a high of ninety for more on the corona virus go to the I heart radio app and tap the podcast app for the latest news and information I'm Jacquelyn Scott news radio one thousand Katie okay newsradio one thousand Katie okay studios are service of universal men's clinic for medical solutions for Edie yellow teeth learn more at universal men's clinic dot com this report is brought to you by positive coaching alliance.

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