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The evening traffic and weather together coming up i'm nicole davis wbz news we begin this hour on beacon hill where former state senators state senate president stan rosenberg says he will step down from his position before five o'clock tomorrow night now rosenberg is served in the state senate for almost thirty years and he's under fire today after a new ethics report shows he broke the senate's trust to protect his now estranged husband brian hefner for the latest returned to wbz's mike macklin at the state house he's been a member of the massachusetts senate since nineteen ninetyone and until recently was its most powerful member it's president senator stan rosenberg says he'll resign his senate seat effective at five o'clock tomorrow this is the senate met in caucus behind closed doors considering rosenberg's fate in the wake of escaping ethics committee report the report charges rosenberg had betrayed the senate by permitting alleged misconduct by his estranged husband brian after after indicted on sex assault and other charges accused of using his relationship with the senate president to abuse individuals doing business with the senate state house mike macklin wbz newsradio ten thirty rosenberg was a well liked him respected man for decades on beacon hill and wbz political analyst john keller tells us there's no winners here this is a real human tragedy stanley rosenberg lifelong public servant well regarded even by his political adversaries rose to the senate president where he also earned accolades for the way he handled that job in short order both his personal life and professional life have been destroyed so sadness is definitely an operative term here now democratic strategist marianne marsh says rosenberg didn't really have any other choice but to step down and if you chose to stay the body would have likely moved to expel him again former state senate president stan rosenberg has announced his resignation effective tomorrow afternoon stay all day with wbz for analysis and reports will have.

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