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Who drove his vehicle into dumpsters near the UCL campus and struck the student the victim was taken to hospital the driver receive non life threatening injuries and was arrested an inmate death in Stephens county the story from Jim foresight the Oklahoma state bureau of investigation is looking into an in custody death at the Stevens county jail over the weekend the sheriff's department says thirty one year old Raymond Smith was arrested Saturday for driving on a suspended license authorities say cellmates called for help after Smith began acting disoriented and he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a man was killed Saturday driving the wrong way on I. forty west of Weatherford the highway patrol says Robert Hicks of Blanchard collided head on with another vehicle that was then hit by a semi Hicks died at the scene the other driver was taken to hospital in critical condition and the highway patrol says seventy six year old Lauren not full of Covington died at the scene of a crash yesterday south of Agra I'm Margot Moreno in other news a double homicide in Lincoln County is being investigated by the FBI bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms and the Kickapoo tribal police the bodies were discovered after a house fire Saturday afternoon on Indian trust land in Hera a suspect was taken to a hospital the driver blamed for a three fatality crash north of admin on Christmas night is now the accidents four fatalities forty seven year old Joseph sour was taken to a hospital in critical condition and died yesterday the highway patrol says our car crossed the center line and hit a vehicle driven by seventy year old Douglas Barnes who was killed along with his fifty four year old wife Suzanne Barnes and her mother eighty three year old Madeleine Walker a thirteen year old boy from Yale has died from injuries he received in a four Wheeler accident on Christmas day he was taken to a hospital in critical condition and died yesterday authorities say the victim and a twelve year old boy were in the ATV being driven by a fifteen year old boy the.

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