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You make 'em pretty easy fran frankly it's a lot easier to come up on a company and see it's foibles from the bottom to in the middle then be brought in as a hero at the top and know nothing of the infrastructure of the vibes of the place that's interesting you say that we recently spoke with such in a delo the relatively new ceo of microsoft and that was a case where almost everybody wanted an outsider because they felt there'd been stagnation internally but you're saying at least from your perspective of being the insider who was made ceo you had all that institutional knowledge in leverage using that was a big advantage for you yeah i think dalla has some other same characteristics that i had in that regard maybe he's more subtle than i one but he has a lot of the same characteristics of saying they're frustrated by the bureaucracy at microsoft and morning to get at it participate in the cloud more aggressively and he's done it very impressive job but he he had the benefit of being there yeah when you first became ceo of ge nineteen eightyone what were the biggest adjustments feel free to take your time on this answer because the ge already was a very large company and from what i from what i've read from what you've written there were a lot of issues on a lot of different dimensions that you felt needed addressing while the betas thing i thought the biggest weakness summarizes at all regulations in departure and he was a hell of a guy and he had the courage to pick me and he.

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