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An unfair peckham was innoc kind of fear school and it was too far from my estate so it was just it was good place to go to have some kids perform and grow the business pot didn't call just yet we will i was in the pack of which is probably down know shows based on children's books right right right right you know just having fun doing it but the business part is i always wonder it's always interesting to find out how people because obviously the acting part you know you love doing yeah but the business part actually occupies more of your time i think and so was there a learning curve for you with that and trying to you know with each film going oh i guess you gotta worry about this and you gotta do this and you gotta do this is any of that fund i mean i i'm a business savvy person ice to sell some of the best best candian school great rate that's sometimes even put tax rebate on that very good salesman salesmen but i've of ways just had a an open mind to the business side of of the industry because i think you know obviously we love to enjoy it we are arctic people who want to perform at the same time you gotta have that roof me a house like yours may come around right now okay we all want to be financially stable and so that comes into it naturally but then as leading cub in terms of now you have an attorney you know representatives you have to learn what they what they do and right and they now you know you'd see oh your own career absolutely you're the you're the boss of your life so you have to almost switch up yet that's a really great way to put it to especially for people who are you know any any kind of artistic endeavor but thinking of yourself as the ceo of your own thing because i think a lot of people just go oh i mo an actress all just auditioning like oh you got to do more than that it's more than that and it and it depends you know what you're aiming for me and some some actors comments the industry who just appreciative to get a job when a date state basis right there isn't necessarily any kind of pinpoint on what.

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