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An owner which they don't like your son exactly so it's it's kinda like what happened to brett farve. It's the same thing all over again now. You mentioned inner peace here. He is clarifying monday night. I don't think he's got maybe does have harry krispies. I have no idea but This was him again now. Don't care about all because Zinn attitude in the offseason tops talking about last night. So that was his take on his inner peace and then selling doesn't care zen. He's searching out calling out the bs but to be clear you'd think l. doesn't care because he's doing the beads. He does trying to find the beads during the show. He did yeah. They arrived yesterday so many. Use them today a matter of fact if you see him down there with his head down in his thumb on a beat you know what he's doing completion. Exactly raiders head coach. John hayden do this. Now let's do mark davis instead. Here's marlin do mark davis instead. So he's the the central piece of his. Hbo real sports part. Now one of the things that andrea kremer as came about was so. Your dad obviously had the franchise. You've got the franchise now clearly. It's different the raiders different in the market traders whereas they winstons. He's taken over now. They want super bowl. Is going to ask you about making the postseason pappa. Goin- was the quarterback that mcglone. Yeah mccloughan back into yet. Two thousand sixteen is where. I believe that their car got hurt. He probably would have been the mvp of the season and then went down to houston. Got waxed with cleverness quarterback. Matt coins mclaughlin. But i don't know it was a when did al davis passed away owes more than ten years ago. She cites. it's amazing as it is so he was. They did win with him right. And i think that was del. Rio was probably the head coach. Knife might be right about that. Press conference i've ever seen was the al davis detailing why he fired lane kiffin with an overhead projector press conference. Go back and watch that it is like he. At that point he was gone. Al davis from any sort of reality and he was going through like personal e mails pointing with an overhead projector. Like this is what he wrote me ten days ago which is clearly ally it was like. Wow yeah i don't remember them. Remember i don't know dots so we didn't have the pay kiffin onto five year deal or something because out california employees so he was probably out there screaming and yelling out these things in bandaids on his face. Yes like crazy Superdome caught fire yesterday. The roof of it seems like it's okay. But we'll see i do have and yeah. Why did it catch. Fire power washer. Oh that's what happened. That's yeah guy was up their power. The stories has a power washer. A power washer caught fire on the roof of the superdome and then the superdome not woven smoke or anything. But you could see as you were driving by the black smoke and the d'alene smoke like. Yeah but i'm saying the roof wasn't like completely a as it was one little spot but people clearly were a little taken aback by that time out so looks like there's a power washer washing a a black spot little. That was the water that they always put the department wire out. Yeah that was the part of the powell. That was she too. I thought i saw sud but that was not car. Coming down suds. Okay now the first home game for the saints. Because they played in jacksonville. Last week will be against the giants. October third giants linebacker blake martinez with moose and maggie on the famous their thought. This was interesting now. I feel like we're beyond it. But i did think it was interesting. His take on the kennedy. Golladay situation on the sideline grant of it. I respect it in a way. Obviously there could be thrown away over overboard But in the grand scheme of things you you look for god to have that fire during then he was talking about. You want passion you guys that want to be there in big spots and while it may not be a great look he gets. I'm a grand scheme of thing type guy a warrior. Yeah i look at you. Guys that i think grand scheme grand scheme in the grand scheme of things. I'm stuck with you. So i might as well get along. Nejd genome. sean. Marks met the media yesterday his expectations for this team going forward. The same goal is to be the last team standing. You know there's probably my guess. Six eight teams that have that same similar goal and a realistic one. Everyone else sucks up sucks really bad teams out there horrible windfall. Five six games. What have you heard of. Gm say how many teams actually have these guys. The league is no chance guys that are going to combine cost somewhere around six hundred million dollars. Listen go in the dodgers payroll about nine hundred million dollars. They won so be it. Just deal with it. Tell you no one wanted to come play for you. Evan. -fornia yes. Now listen no be good again. You got kemba walker tent saloon. I mean we're i think we're a better team they should be. I just would not a championship team but were better to be a playoff team. Though you would think bob at belmore joins us. What's going on bob. Hey guys doing all right. How dumber the people in new orleans to power-wash the top of the superdome when they just got dumped with two feet of watered. Who does i would imagine. It was a little Dirty in you know that rain and some of the other stuff the hurricane. I don't know. I mean it seems like a little much to power-wash the roof and the superdome but i mean the power wash it and then have it catch on. Fire is the problem. I will say this though. I love the power-wash. Oh it's fun you now. Mike loves the snow blow. Yeah i like the power. You gave me a power washer in two thousand ten. That'll guys to know died. Three years ago. That thing lasted for eight years. Wow that's pretty good. It's pretty therapeutic to us. And then yes. Oh it's alright. Durham on the patio. You'll so power but you gotta be careful. It's too powerful than it starts taking up the cement in between. Can you know the blocks. Absolutely no doubt chant hari krishna as you power. Also good powell. Washing and ben simmons is not going back to at least he says he is not going back to the seventy sixers will not play for them anymore. I'm doc rivers. And i'm proud to present a new podcast documentary series called. It said sports bri guide you through six of the most impactful and timeless speeches in sports history. Listen and follow. It was since sports documentary podcast presentation of shining city audio. They see thirteen originals. And jon meacham studio available now on odyssey and wherever you. Listen to your podcast. How is your mental health. Billy irish kevin love of the cleveland cavaliers imagine dragons lil nasdaq's and so many more feel the same pressures we do they're joining our host carson. Daly for i'm listening. September twenty third starting at six pm right here carson and a cast of mental health experts athletes musicians other notables and you will share stories insights and help us all remember that we are not alone. Please join us because talking about our mental health has the power to save lives for more visit. I'm listening dot org this month on the eleventh writer derek. He travels back to the summer of nineteen ninety-six revisits the album that carried him through a period of intense change. The third track on the is.

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