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Going to keep having that conversation Katie Kingsbury. Thank you so much for joining us. It Oh Now it's time for our weekly recommendation. When we make a suggestion that is meant to take your mind off of the news of the day? This week is my turn and Ross. I'm going to borrow the technique used a couple of weeks ago in which I'm going to start off with the story so I am as you both know a fan. Dan Of Boston sports teams. I lived in Boston from when I was two eight. The formative years for sports fans. I'm a Red Sox Fan. I'm a Patriots Fan. My wife grew up in Houston Houston in a family of baseball fans. In fact she grew up with season tickets to the Houston Astros and is a lifelong astros fan and as some listeners may know there is a sort of thread that runs through the three teams. That I have just mentioned the Houston Astros the Boston Red Sox and the New England patriots. which is they have? All credibly been accused recently of cheating the Astros and red SOx of using video to steal the opposing team's signs. So they know what pitch is coming in and for the Patriots. It's a long list of cheating accusations that they deflate. Footballs in videotape. Other teams and do all sorts of things and as I have been coping with these revelations in recent weeks and deciding what I think about them. I've basically come up with a kind of an excuse in defense for all of them. which is yes the Astros were cheating but so do all teams in the Astros? Were just better at it and the excuse for the Patriots is going to be cheating. No I'll get right there. I can tell you about like the crazy. Science of how the Patriots didn't really deflate the balls and it was due to weather and as I thought through all these things it actually gave me a kind of deep appreciation for our yawning partisan divide and how we basically Siklie end up believing what we want to believe and Nate Cohn. The Times's polling expert has said aversion as he says he he has a better insight into how people feel about politics when he thinks about how he feels about the Seattle seahawks his favorite football team than anything else and so I guess my recommendation is it either. Think about how your own sports loyalties or loyalties and other parts of your life can warp your views of reality and then try to apply that to politics and Ross. I'm baiting you a little bit here. But nothing has given me a better appreciation for how conservatives can think the crazy crazy things they do about climate change then my own views of the Houston Astros and the New England patriots. Well I mean I think one I think cure right and to. There's a guy named a ton. Her shoe has a new book called Politics for power and one of his arguments is that that especially for upper middle class educated people in the age of the Internet. It's become a lot easier to approach politics the way you follow all of sports like you know this sort of constant online stream of information. And he's arguing that this takes people away from the real work of politics. which is you know showing up at town meetings or at your local board meetings and organizing and doing things doing things in the real world? Maybe the age of Cable News on the Internet has made it easier to approach politics in this sort of fan spirit or hobbyists spirit instead of sort of citizens spirit. Maybe so I would flip this around Because I'm completely insensible to the appeal of sports and so I would say maybe thinking about how I think think about politics could help me understand what people feel about sports and really they feel anything about them And but the other thing I would say is that you know. I wrote a column once kind of trying to imagine how I would react to a Fictional left-wing version of trump. I felt like was steamrolling. All of my enemies And you know the temptation that would be there to sort of swallow your unease and how difficult it might be to break with all of your ideological allies At the same time I do think that the fundamental difference between Liberals and Conservatives is that David you are kind of having this Self critical at a coal conversation with yourself about sort of how you rationalize things away. That shouldn't be rationalized away. And you know the very fact that you sort of recognize your own partisanship as something to try to intellectually transcend and Is I think something that is much more common on one side of the political divide than the other. I think we've gotten away from the escaped from politics takes aspect of the recommendations. You're totally wrong. Michelle and not side any evidence to David Wednesday recommendation. My recommendation Asian is stop being so hard on the New England Patriots and Houston Astros. That's our show this week. 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