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The child was placed in an incubator where she lived for two days on august 25th genes baby girl who she had named nina died gene seeberg would never be the same again still in the hospital while heavily sedated gene hallucinated that black panthers had come to her bedside and had tried to steal from her and have threatened her with a gun she pulled out the letter she had written to paid and price and added to it two days later my baby is dead tell david delon jer toe warne huey newton that the pigs control entirely the european panther contacts i am of no utility to the party at present thanks for listening to you must remember this today's episode was written narrated and produced by karina longworth new our research and production assistant is lindsay de schoenholtz our editor is sam ding men and our logo was designed by teddy blanks for more information about this episode and other episodes please go to our website you must remember this podcast com there you'll find information about the music in this episode as well as the sources that we use in our research process if he like this show please tell anyone you can any way that you can you can follow us on twitter at remember this pod and we're on facebook and instagram to we'll be back next week with another tale from the secrets and or forgotten histories of hollywood's first century join us then want you.

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