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What I'm choosing to do now is ignore anybody who's associated with or has ever spoken to Tom Brady. And what they say right now about everything that happened. And I have the utmost respect for all of those people and the work that they do, but I think that they're being lied to. And I think that we're being lied to. And I think that there is a greater thing happening here that I'm not exactly sure how to put my finger on. I just, I can't imagine that you would like underwhelmingly walk away like nothing about this felt right from the beginning and still doesn't feel right. And it's just so weird and now like you said, he just conveniently decides to come back in time to impact free agency. When like, I don't know. I've thought about, this is a legitimately true thing. Like I've thought about like what bathing suit I'd want to buy for like a beach vacation for more than 40 days. And like Tom Brady is thinking about whether or not he wants to hang out with his family yet. And this apparently took him less than two months. I don't buy anything. I don't think this is. Like it all just feels like we're getting marked. Just like his retirement felt like we were all getting marked, you know? This is very raw right now, by the way. It came out like, I don't know, 90 minutes ago and we're here. I'm upset. In front of the podcast, we would have been much more upset. Had we already taped the show. And then it's come back into another segment on it. Let's talk it out a little bit. We will give the disclaimer that this could be complete nonsense. This is where it gets fun. The way I kept on phrasing it right after the season right after the loss of the rams was does Tom Brady want to come back to this to this franchise to a coaching staff that he, you know, doesn't seem to love what they do there. It's a roster that again was going to be very difficult to bring back all of these free agents. You know, certainly a better chance with Brady coming back to the fold. I think there was a lot of truth to some of the smoke that he wanted to come back, but just not in Tampa. Tampa held.

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