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Feel good and it's great to have you back were you believe me we missed you you were talking about mothers first of all i tuned in just as the as the gentleman was talking about in nineteen seventy my family moved from one house to another and it was during the spring my mother went to the big city of bush at the house we were moving for and cut up a stem off of it and she said go out in the yard and just stick this in the graham we were in that house trying to hide years when i moved to rhode island i took a cutting stuck in the ground when i moved from rhode island to a menia i took a cutting and stuck it in the ground and when the sun when dawn breaks and i look at the yard to bush that is now ten feet tall ooh is out there and hit every day i'll never forget when we were in the process of that move to that house in nineteen seventy we had a big custommade doghouse and to this day i don't know how it got there but my mother came to me instead here you're gonna wanna keep this and this custommade doghouse she found the roberto clemente baseball cards i have it's still you better believe i have to get out there i do not remember how is she said it had been slid underneath one of the shingles on the roof of this cousin made large custommade doghouse was made for our colleague and how it got there i have no idea whether a workman slid it in there or what but my somehow or other my mother found that just ended it to me and she said you're going to want this i have it still it's in it's in one of my desk drawers and just as one more i will never forget the night that the ball went between bill buckner his legs i could hear her we were watching in different rooms i could hear her screaming at the television you you right now believe you thank you so very much for being that my friends that's funny that's that's a sports fan you wonder how many remotes have been thrown in the last year with with something like that happens all you know your your team has.

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