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This is a my doctor to learn up to the minute entertainment and pop culture news heard at the top of every hour on my talk one oh seven one yeah that's really great could you please tell us what's going on. Scarlett Johannson is standing by director Woody Allen despite the accusations of sexual assault against the director Joe Hansen was worked with Alan on three films tells The Hollywood Reporter I believe him going on to say that Allen maintains his innocence and this despite the abuse claims made by his daughter Dylan Farrow Johannsen said she would work with him any time saying that she sees what he whatever you can she says she has a lot of conversations with him about this and that she has been very direct with him and he's very directed me and he maintains his innocence of her last. got a movie out or something now with woody not with well I mean I don't care I don't care where she writes in dice with him so hard yeah it's a mystery truly puzzling that's when this interview is making a lot of headlines this afternoon. congradulations actor Jonah hill he is engaged in walking around town with his fiancee Joanna Santos she is wearing a ring on that finger and apparently they are very happy together they've been stuck together since last summer and have been dating for more than a year. gradually yes and Kim Kardashian she reveals in a new clip of her show keeping up with the Kardashians that she lied the news that she and Kanye were expecting their fourth child together after getting a little too boozy at a Christmas Eve party she was asked about it she said I got drunk on Christmas Eve and I told someone on Christmas Eve and I don't remember who I told because I was drunk she tells Scott Disick maybe multiple people and she says that's why I don't drink. that is really sad but they got to do to try and get some ice over at he yeah you know a lot of people watch an order but just enough far right well that's all the dirt this hour for more check out my talk one of seven one dot com or download the my talk out. at the top of every hour and.

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