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Starring Russell Crowe. Guests are required to wear masks also restrictions on seating and capacity to maximize social distancing. And the 5 20 Bridge. Slater to close this weekend, the Department of Transportation shifting lanes on the 5 20 floating bridge near Montlake Boulevard and creating new work zones for the construction of a new lid over the freeway. The bridge will be closed in both directions. Starting at 11 PM tonight until five Monday morning. The bike and pedestrian lanes over the 5 20 Bridge will remain open during that work common whose time 11 34 and straight ahead. Seattle police versus the media. I'm Corwin take video evidence to remain under wraps. For now, it's time to check traffic once again, 11. 34 looks like some people are trying to high tail it out of town here and other problems to contend with two. Yes, in fact is you're trying to hide tail it out of town. We have a new crash in Olympia. This is South and I five near Henderson there, right. Lena's currently blocked. I'm seeing a two mile backup behind that south and I five is also slow going much of the way from Highway 18 through five. Nearly hitting the brakes again. Is your travelling along the baby lm area westbound 5 12 is beginning to build Maura's You're approaching I five north and I five slow highway 16. To the tee down south. I've also feeling with backups right now a traveling out of the North Gate area. As you're approaching the ship Canal Bridge. Both directions of 99 are backed up approaching the First Avenue South Bridge that we had an earlier opening and then South found four or five years. Still facing some places you're approaching, I 90 and that's due to an earlier crash. This traffic court is sponsored by CBS. CBS. Pharmacists have a tool designed to look for ways that may help lower your prescription costs. Visit CBS today Savings Very C Store for details our next Comeau traffic at 11 40 for updating the weekend forecast. Let's check in with meteorologist Kristen Clark for the latest, A moisture. Ladened storm continues to swirl just offshore the Pacific Coast and that will bring again another round of scattered showers..

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