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And that's the story that i need to tell customers and i also think it's like the company is set out to scale regenerative agriculture. And were it. Now we've grown into being a community of climate positive forms bell campo in twenty twenty net of everything net of all the cow farts in the fedex boxes on the trucks and the restaurant everything sequestered twenty four thousand tonnes of carbon immi company. You know and it's like that by doing that vision building that it's like it's a big th- ross. It's gonna be a long term change. We've got fix the climate and sort of now. It's like the biggest i can do to. My customers is owned the problem. But really focus on fixing the problem and keep focus on that north star which is like can. We make meet climate positive. Yeah no. I think like you know because people knew about our relationship. Obviously you've been on. This show like people asked us what we thought and i was like. I'm gonna wait to talk to on it. Because i know the mission behind what you're doing and i know who you are know what you've built and so like. I knew that i knew you were going to handle that the way you did which is and i think you handled it. Well i think you still have all your customers or more people anyone. That's judging any of this when you're building a massive company like michael said it's not an author shocking to be perfection and that's boring if there was there's going to be things you got a lot of employees there's a lot of different personalities things to handle things are going to happen and then you pivot and you fix set and you're doing what you're doing which is so smart. You said you're actually fixing the problem and going towards that northstar you look at like sustainable. And how and tell me from saying more. Sustainable health.

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