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They sort of repurpose somebody's existing piece of content and add their own creative twist to it. And I think a good example of that is seeing what Daniel Allen was doing with his glass house remixes, and now he's bringing other music artists into web three and using his music as a way to kind of navigate their compass, right? How are you sort of understanding media Legos or composable content? Yeah, for sure. Yeah, I mean, so I'll give a quick shot out. I think the first person that did the quote unquote me Legos, Jessie Walden. Definitely some inspiration there. But yeah, on the composable content, I mean, you know, it's really like, on that side for sure, like co creation, production, big part of it. I think on another level, a lot of it's really like, everything you see within these applications is being built infrastructure wise. Around how is content discovered? Curated, how is it just engaged with all these different applications have their own different kind of ways and they build their own layers? And these are all very right pieces of infrastructure that can be composable once things are continent entities. Once the content is on chain, and it can distribute freely upstream to any platforms, you can also start to use shared infrastructure, protocol tools around how we can interact content. How do you create it, how do you engage with it, right? So there's all these kind of different layers of. Interacting with content that have these opportunities for new protocols and shared infrastructure to come out that different distribution interfaces that focus on different types of content can decide which things integrate and use and create the best experience for their end user. So yeah, and much more like an open ecosystem. So I think that's kind of really like the heart and the focus. And also down towards the remix production co creation side of things. It enables a lot of that as well for sure. Yeah. And I think this is also a perfect transition to sort of highlighting kind of like the content NFT life cycle. And I want to introduce this next section of the podcast just sort of sharing my screen. And for those that are listening, I kind of read it off because I think from my perspective, you were the first person to tweet something like this out and to present content NFTs as like the top of funnel sort of a primitive in all these other pieces of media kind of fall underneath it, right? So content NFTs as a tweet continues content NFTs, crypto art music NFTs, video NFTs, writing NFTs, podcasts NFTs, TV, NFTs, film NFTs, all content

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