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Thank you let's see here comments godfrey says rusty i feel embarrassed for your daughter having you as a dad believe me you're not the only one keep lee did kevin wants a have a hell does it window blow out well what happened was that engine blew and then a piece of shrapnel hit the window and broke the window and suck suck they're out who that's awful rolley checking in rapid vacuum pressure says brian diane's woah ho out the window that is scary check the turban run date ian chicken out kevin says this is why i've never been on a plane you never been on a plane kevin get out a little bit body that doesn't happen very often by the way we thumbs up today give me some hearts he got one love today and he shared the video share share share share share the video shoshu share share the video let people know that we're here so share the video now yeah let's see what is the new info regarding delta i don't know shall we look together see delta i'm a delta platinum why was a delta platinum him fly as much lately smoking engine forces delta plane to return to atlanta after takeoff delta flight makes merge put up so you can see it too delta flight makes emergency landing at atlanta airport i was forty minutes ago delta flight from detroit blows tires land safely in florida men attitude two of them today too for.

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