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Metal It changes the whole dynamic of the entire pile of rubble. But it is a very unsafe thing to do so we do have to take our time, Brown says. Until told Otherwise. This remains a rescue operation. Jasmine Garza NPR NEWS SURFSIDE, Florida The cause of the collapse remains under investigation, but the focus is on structural problems identified in a three year old engineer's report released by suicide city officials. President Biden is set to leave the White House in about an hour to make another push for his massive infrastructure proposal. He's traveling to lacrosse, Wisconsin today's trip. There comes less than a week after the administration and a group of bipartisan senators reached a tentative agreement as NPR's Scott Detroit reports the president and several moderate senators hash together a proposal that includes a half trillion dollars in new infrastructure spending. And Biden is hoping the Senate and House passed that with votes from both parties. So they are. Biden is trying to court moderates and conservatives. But at the same time, Biden want Democrats. To pass a second massive multi trillion dollar measure. With proposals Biden set aside to reach the first deal. That means making sure moderate and progressive Democrats are on board. Over the weekend, Biden had to walk back a threat that he would veto the first measure if the second larger bill doesn't pass to Scott. Detroit. NPR NEWS the White House major highway in Colorado as reopened after a series of mudslides forced it to close Colorado Public Radio. Stina seek Interstate 70 fully reopened in western Colorado Monday night. After prolonged closures on Saturday and.

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