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On Monday. The state expanding the list of who can get the shot next, including daycare employees, firefighters and police officers and people over the age of 75. California reported another day with more than 50,000 new cases on Saturday. You're listening to ABC News. Hey, away news, Radio times, 102. I'm Brenda Stewart. The roads will remain. I see today, but at least the snow's stopped. We dry it out. We see sunshine return, although we could see some morning fog with African high temperatures in the upper thirties, That's 31 meteorologist Jessica Labelle says. We'll be back into the forties. Tomorrow. We're seeing a sharp rise in the number of people testing positive for Cove in Colorado reported more than 2500 new cases Saturday. 886 people are in the hospital, but state epidemiologist Dr Rachel Hurley, he says that could be Because of stepped up testing. We are rapidly expanding our surveillance in the state for not just to be 117 variant, but all variants, So our lab is now receiving specimens from a network of hospitals across the state. The seven day positivity rate in Colorado remains that 8% another 300,000 Americans tested positive for the virus yesterday. That's the most ever within 24 hours. Denver restaurants and bars grateful to be open again in time for the NFL playoffs. Tennis socks. We lost all the holiday money. That's our biggest season. January is our slowest months normally, but it's something you know better than being closed dumps, taverns, general manager Amy Burgess tells Fox 31. They're only allowing 23 customers then at a time, so it's first come, first served. The dreaming.

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