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All right Charlie in, Dave you guys want to say something for those who didn't join us on the last I. Love Marketing Virtual Media every third Wednesday of every month in Scottsdale Arizona Charlie and Dave. Host the I love Marketing Scottsdale Group and they had you know said. Why don't we do in virtue? I said let's tell everyone. Let's notify are listed so charlie. What are your thoughts on all this? It's got to become like this crazy thing now, l.! Aren't usually at our meet ups because we can get people within twenty five miles or something. But how great is this that we have people from around the world? Yeah, we got genius network members. We've got even Parana members that have been clients of mine for twenty years. We have been sent over a hundred in certain questions or Yeah I read every one. Yeah. We got a whole slew of them that have been summarized into categories and I told Dean I said so that people can be mad at you. If the question is not answered I, said Dean I would let you pick the ones. We're GONNA go with. So. Here's the thing when Jeanette Centrists this list. She went through reviewed. All of them put them into categories and said by far the most important topic that people wanted to know about was lead generation. That was number one. The second most popular topic was Prophet activator number one choosing your first target market, so she kinda summarize these questions here and I can understand. Understand why those are the most common ones? Because of course those are the drivers of everything. If you'RE GONNA grow your business, the the is GonNa fuel that growth is this constant way of generating new people for you to help so whatever we're doing never do live breaks. Blueprint event were talking about applying the profit activators. The first thing that we do is you. Work on your before unit until you're Christly ear here on what your during unit does. What is the thing that you can do better than anybody else anybody? It's a thing that your business is most suitable to delivering, and we always talk in terms of a result and the best way to clarify for yourself. What that is is to ask yourself the clarifying question, and you've probably heard me say before, but the clarifying question is what would you do if you only got paid? When your client gets a result now that does and I get people to just if you can embrace that and think that thought. That thought silently to yourself without it being the way that you make your offer, it's that you don't have to fully go out to the world with this yet. What I want you to do is just to think that fought to think the reason that that question is so clarifying because it links your outcome with your ideal prospects outcome and if we're doing. Doing the thing that if you're saying I'm only going to get paid when I get the result for somebody, it makes you feel like you are only going to do something that you know one hundred percent that you're able to deliver for someone right that's does. That's why we say that way for you now the greatest way to segue from that thought. Once, you figure out what it is that you can deliver for people then the next thing that you get to do is you get to select the single target audience that you can deliver that result for and so the biggest misconception that people have were the biggest thing that people make as a mistake. Going into the before you met profit activated. Want `specially is that they put too much emphasis on positioning themselves to be selected versus proactively selecting your target audience. That's what select a single target audience as I'm talking about you as the selector if we're going to deliver a resolve. that. You are only going to get paid when they get the result. You get to select only the people that you now you're going to have the best outcome

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