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Highway cute Zoot Gonna be 15 minutes south on 43 brown, the road to the Marquette, a 12 minute ride with traffic and weather together on the tents, nebulas. W T m j palatable dot com M J five Day forecast this morning we still have some clouds around but starting to dry out eventually mostly sunny. Guys today with a high temperature of 81 for tonight, mainly clear lowest. 67 Friday mostly sunny, very warm and human Hive 88 now Saturday partly cloudy hot human Slight chance of thunderstorms high of 92 Sunday partly cloudy hot human a little better chance of thunderstorms. High 91 And for Monday Partly cloudy, slight chance of storms. The high of 81 meteorologist Brian his dancing with storm team forecast on Madison 67 Green Bay 66 Walking shot 67 at 66 in Milwaukee at W. T. M. J Rise on shot You're listening to Wisconsin's Morning news with Jean Miller, James McNair, Brian D. On Sports Debbie Lhasa Go with traffic and Brian Is Nance Gay with weather now live Wealth management studios and radio city. Here's Jean Miller. It's gonna be hard. It's going to be human. It's gonna be sunny.

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