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I I met her the thing that struck me about it was her helplessness. I. Suppose. She was more of a widow. At least I understood, she was a widow. And she seemed the need someone someone to shield her from the world or that's what she led me to believe. You I'm sure now. However I lost my heart to Leila ransom. I loved her deeply sincerely. I. Asked her to marry me and she can send it that the marriage we were never married. By I stood beside the altar, the happiest man in the world. Asking only that I be allowed to devote the rest of my life door. Suddenly her husband walked in and. He was no better than me. You can see why I'm through with women can't you? Oh, I don't blame you for feeling away you honestly but I do feel there's hope because well, I was hurt wants to terribly. You're yes. I to what I could never speak to a man again. Quite a coincidence here. Did he leave you at the altar? Wasn't quite like that. I'll tell you about it sometimes tell me no I'd rather not to they kind of be so interested, you've done a great deal on Ono you've done a great deal for me. Would you? Like to walk down this path the League for little way. I'd love to it looks so nice and shady. Shady. You're sure that you won't be nervous walking in the woods with a stranger. Shit.

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