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And that was the story, and then you got to the United States. And now, you're undergoing an asylum-seeking process. That's fascinating. What what do you need? What's the application light? So. After the the application was just something happens to you. Go to. Application joy Ceesay a couple of weeks from now and do size, whether you're legible or not. And after the I think it was the twenty four teen migrant crisis on the southern border. There have President Obama didn't this. I'm quite sure. This is the case, but they might be wrong personable, even at any immigration judges. So there's a shortage and inside of couple of weeks. Now, the waiting is up to four or five years. So I'm just waiting to get a court order to go and see. Hey, do you know, the total hates me Chennai, stay fleas. But meanwhile, you're allowed to hang out in the country. I can I can stay here. I can legally work and I'm good to stay. And so what can we do? Can we come to this hearing? We make signs we write a letter you need five thousand Jews at your here. Yeah. We'll go on me right now. Here's what I seriously. I want to say here's what we realized this. We'd call Mordechai at abide say, we would say we need a thousand winnebago's, and they need to leave Brooklyn on route for Washington and just become Jews. And that would happen is there is there is that part of it. Can we do? I don't know. And I don't want you guys to do anything because I don't want to know. I don't want to take anything out of this. Go fund me thing. I just would feel bad. If something good for me comes out Indo. And we appreciate it very much. Did like a very nice thing for a very American very Menchie thing for a lot of Jews a time of need. And I think every single one of those people who gave and all the people. I mean, we would like for you to say here. Good. So I know I know you don't want this, and you should lead and ask for it. But you did skip school to be here. Well, I went to my of morning class. Oh, I'm good. So we did professor Jewish. You'll understand. So. We were we were worried about you. Where did you get a demerits or or? Yeah. We put together something for you vigil official document on the docks letterhead. To whom and make it's November six twenty eight teen which I believe is what Donald kisla. What are we know anyone? To whom it may concern, please excuse shake tear from all activities on November six and seven thousand eighteen Mr. Kataria has put forth tremendous effort and raising funds for the tree of life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a result of this. We have the site to honor Mr. Katina's gentile of the week the geo T W an unorthodox podcast live taping and Houston. She's acts are to be commended, and we believe he reflects well on his community and university. Thank you. Mark oppenheimer. Stephanie Budnick books. By the way, we're totally cool. If we change the dates to whatever other date you. This mazing American invention called whiteout. It's amazing. Well, let me check my final this. When this happens before, we let you go, you know, as a longtime fan of the show and lurker in our Facebook group that we always give the gentile the opportunity to ask a question. You've always went to ask internationally recognized experts on the self proclaimed self recognized experts on Judaism, you have us here. Now is there anything you'd like to ask us fifty questions, but I'll take the best one. Okay. So it's not actually about today's it's about juice. So I'm not actually know more about Jews Judaism. So that's perfect. Most jews. No more Jews in Judas now from Jews. So I'm not an anti Semite. But which is a great way to start a sentence. Here. The hot right now. Sweetening mistake. Think you could read for state legislature, Utah thirty six. I come from Zona. They're so no. So I I'm not anti Semite that'll but I also like making jokes occasionally..

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