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There was a computer game version. And him and i on two separate computers played each other and i just thought that was like that blew my mind back when i was a kid and so so my dad is my. That's why like i totally forgot. We even isn't that he's a gas we does. I have vivid memories. I can tell you what room in the house we were in the future. Looked like he's like. Wow and so. I think i'm gonna probably look back when they're telling me stores motor like why did we do again like. Oh yeah. that's what you remember. That was a big pivotal moment. For you it it. It's it's those are the memories you know. We had an old dnc network that we created at the old house before we moved here so this would have been. Oh ninety six ninety seven. Maybe an and i had a home network we were. I think we had cable modem at that point it was still pretty slow and We play command and conquer and the kids. We get superman. Because i'd beat them all the time and then they started beating me and i just stopped playing so i i didn't want to lose any more. But those the their one of their big memories is when we got our first. Dvd player in two thousand and we got the matrix with it. And do that was now. There's a scene in there. Where neo gives the police officers the bird you know and that happened at school with my middle one. Not just a couple of weeks. Uk he was like second grade. Maybe i it's like yeah you you can't you can't do that you can't you know you can't. You can't flip off your your teachers like the stock for better for worse. They're gonna remember. They keep in mind on both sides of his good. Yeah you mentioned being. Nc connector you said that i- acquai- nc two a. Ham radio connector. So he's still used. Bnc on certain connections For ham radio good. I've actually. I've never used it for a computer. Yeah it's a really good connection. I know easy in working for the bank at the time and they were getting rid of some old equipment and so i- bride. I had no money. And so i i brought home anything. I get my hands on and got set up. That would have been windows. Ninety five maybe windows ninety eight could have been windows. Hit i would think was probably my first time. I ever really like remember using using. Yeah my dad brought home alive. I mean he was into computers for a long time but ninety five was part of the one like i actually probably got on used. Yeah joe jim Jim shoemaker in the chat room says he he remembers using bnc for co ax ethernet. Yeah yeah there's a lot of I mean and then it. A kinda quickly changed over to to Rj forty five rj. Forty five yeah pretty fast and then we've now and then we've had cat five cat five e cat. Six and say removed are way up. Yeah all those things we've talked about here in the last five hundred shows of gadget geeks as we as we spent much time doing that so well mike pretty cool and it's it was fun when i saw that picture. It the all the ham stuff made sense. You know i was just like oh. That's cool and it's really cool when mike when your kids get into those things that you're into i don't know besides skiing. I'm not sure my kids really. We ever really had with the boys. I really ever had that thing you know with them. We were voice. Oh shepherd different time in my life so a little bit of a different person But you know then. We started skiing and that worked for a. We had two broken legs skiing. Like maybe we shouldn't. Maybe we should slow down on this thing. You know a little bit but but good to see you do in that early and of course those are memory have they'll tend to have forever. Shall i will do. It was a fun day. Are you hearing my my notifications from facebook. Okay good i'm not sometimes. This laptop doesn't get Doesn't get silenced All right mike. It's it's time to talk about fatness because fatness. Because i like i. I was at work the other day and they got they got a brand new scale. Oh cool like haven't weighed myself in a year and a half like like. I wonder where i'm at dude. It was alarming. How much weight. I've put on since the pandemic and i'm probably you know i'm probably thirty over where i was pre pandemic and i'm probably fifty off of where i want to be to be really healthy kennedy deal and i'll just be honest and that that twenty to give you know fifty to give that i thirty is pretty easy that second twenty has always been elusive. Just always right. It's okay it's a goal it's out. Yeah so i've been slowly gaining weight throughout the pandemic You naked see at pants. Fennel tighter you know shirts not quite fit. Just right those kinds of things right. And i'm sure most of you listening to this haven't had that problem at all But i saw. We've all been there. Yeah myself in front of a mirror. The other dana's okay. This this is stopping. I gotta get. I haven't. I haven't looked this. I'm it looked this big in a while so Typically my routine has been go right to work out. But i i'm i'm not that the young spry i'm not. You can't just go play hockey. Whenever i feel i it or you know. Go on a five k. or attend k. And then you know with no training. I can't at fifty three. The body really isn't designed to do that anymore in like you know. Maybe it's time to get my diet in line right. Maybe finally because i would always work out like a mad man. So i can eat like the right harverson. Yeah yeah so. I always really struggled with that so i thought you know what i'm gonna try. There's this thing called intermittent fasting. Have you have you heard of that before. He never never never tried it. I might do it. I do it by default. Kind of actually like i've been pretty bad. I have about one and a half meals a day. Now which probably isn't as healthy about every already big lunch. And i have a moderate size dinner but it kind of fits with my new style right and that's kind of no. It's just fits a protein shake in the morning. So maybe that's another half a meal right. So i don't know i like maybe sometimes actually do by accident. But you know i've never done regimented like i'm probably like you should well. Here's what i thought. And i think Jim shoemaker says says it will six words for tranformation eat better eat less exercise more in and i kind of approached it from exercise like crazy. Eat whatever you want. Those are my six words. Whatever you want yeah. Those are exercise like crazy. Eat whatever you want. That was actually for for some of us who are older. Jim fix was a runner in the seventies and that was his philosophies longer running and exercising you can eat. Whatever you want an an forty-nine. Jim fix died of heart attack so you're like okay. That's probably not the right way to go about it. And and and so i think for the first time ever mike. I'm making the switch to be like you know what before..

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