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Probably every three to four and you have to think that way. And then you basically have to build an unbelievably strong culture to catch these changes in terms of the market. And most people don't do. They don't see the change or you can see the changes and make it badly. I mean, you guys were early to the media quest memory that thing you had that was a TV set. I remember all we were very quickly would tell her presence, hasn't. Morales sessions which you ought to us now. Schuylkill hanging up. Directionally, you can be right directionally in wrong in the front actually was very profitable for us. What we did you need to take on what was he had a name, but there was another name. Another product that you would you put it on the TV. I can't remember yet. You bought the flip camera if you remember my my favorite. That we were right under action and wrongly. Next. Well, you didn't know that iphone was coming out with the Cameron. We actually had the probably cops we did not. Yeah. And if we'd knowing that we should have put on every smartphone out there, video and flip should have been cloud provider of it, but it shows you once in startups. It's a portfolio play like acquisitions, the majority of startups from not work in society needs to understand that with my portfolio, hope will be majority, but you can't be right. You can see the shift and then not make it, or you can be like, say, Steve bomber, I'll never forget when he said these mo- mobile phones who cares? And I was like, what like Saint Thomas for made about the internet? What is the internet is for these techies university, but now every company and everything we do is going to be connected to technology and the US should lead here. And what I'm trying to do in this book has to say, here's an example and how to do it and also my platform. Ford I want to do next. I had the unusual opportunity to help change the world with the internet and very proud of what we did both socially and businesswise. And how we shared it across our customers, our citizens, our company, the employees and their shareholders. I now I'm trying to do that with digitisation not just transforming countries in my prior role with Cisco, but now start ups and they will be the future innovation one part of the country. We've got to wrap up soon, but is there one part of the country that you see great promise in, or is it just you're trying to across the country? Well, the great promise is in the areas that reinventing themselves the quickest, that'd probably be Texas. I'm optimistic on Silicon Valley, but boy, we gotta change. What I want to see is I want to see every state make this atop agenda. Regardless of politics, governor you think is Hickenlooper in Colorado, or he's loopers is is very good example. I think if she wins in Georgia's interesting, there's going to be a lot of interesting candidates regardless of your political views on it, but it goes back to it starts with university, why Silicon Valley, so successful Stanford. Why is the Boston area so successful MIT. So. West Virginia university has to make digitisation artificial intelligence. One of his top priorities, I went to France and my last trip to France, France, Leonard, and fifty startups. I'm learning really, really. And then I popped into one of these classes in a university in the northern part of the country. That's very poor area now was going to talk to him artificial intelligence and how they ought to think about this. I walked into the class who it's an artificial intelligence class. So others are changing faster than we are countries like France that was very slow to change. They're getting back to their entrepreneur roots. Yeah. Why say that France, but with France can do it. Exactly why can't American at original war. If India do this, why can't America do this? We need to put the country back into starting because we're fat stupid, arguing with each other all day over stupid things. That's why complete d. agree. We, we got back to my parents were doctors. We're focusing on the symptoms, not underlying issues. Yeah, we're a great country. Yeah, we need to be great on startups and needs to be inclusive..

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